Sony launches anti-Kinect attack website,


Remember when motion-controlled games were simply for old people and children? (We kid!) However, Nintendo’s marketing has rarely reached this level of aggression. Sony has launched a new website — — that plays hardball against Microsoft’s button-free Kinect experience. By clicking any of the buttons on the virtual PlayStation Move controller, you’ll be able to read through a rant from fictional PlayStation VP Kevin Butler:
“It turns out that buttons are pretty important. Not like “save the whales” important. More like ‘not play games that suck’ important. Cuz they help you … control stuff. Controller. Control. Kinda makes sense. Some people don’t think you need buttons. WHAT?! Craziness. Could you imagine gaming without buttons? Where would the control come from?”

While there’s some reason for concern, this kind of marketing can be interpreted not as playful, but a return to the “arrogant” attitude Sony has been notorious for. Considering Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda confirmed future games could use the button-y Xbox 360 controller in conjunction with Kinect, this might be an argument Sony won’t want to kick up.

by Andrew Yoon at Joystiq


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