Sony Confirms 3D Gaming Firmware Update for PS3


In a recent Sony meeting, it was confirmed that the PlayStation 3 would be receiving a firmware update to enable 3D gaming.

Sony’s recent presentation to their investors featured a wide scope of topics, from imaging technologies to home theater and from cinema to gaming. While a diverse group of specialties, one thread held the entire conference together: three dimensional viewing. 3D was mentioned numerous times, but perhaps most interesting was the announcement regarding the PlayStation 3.While titles like the upcoming James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game will offer a full 3D experience for the PS3, Sony has not yet set a standard for 3D gaming. That will all change in 2010 when Sony is expected to roll out firmware to their gaming system that will enable 3D gaming without the need for special programming on the game disc.

The 3D experience won’t be available without a capable television and the glasses to match, but the announcement certainly speaks to the strength of the PlayStation 3 as an entertainment device. With a firmware update, Sony will be enabling a completely new technology on a now three year old piece of hardware.

Whether or not the PS3 will be able to play 3D Blu-ray movies went curiously unmentioned. The company has – in the past – been unofficially quoted as stating that the viewing of 3D films on the PS3 could be available as soon as 2009, but Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai didn’t mention it in his presentation.

This information all comes from a presentation to investors, but we can expect to see more details on 3D gaming and 3D films from Sony in the near future.

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