Nielsen report reveals average game console usage


The Nielsen group has released a new report on usage of the three major consoles. Coming as little surprise, Nielsen’s study has placed Wii in dead last, with the average player using the console 6.8 percent of the time during Nielsen’s study in December, 2008. During that same period, those involved in the study played Xbox 360 10.2 percent and PS3 10.6 percent — nearly double the Wii average. Clearly, the average gamer doesn’t have the endurance necessary for long-term waggling.

Wii also ranked the lowest in average days used over the course of the study, with users only partaking an average of 5 days (so much for that Wii Fit vow). The PS3 ranked second place, with users spending an average of 6.8 days days, which leaves us with Xbox 360 — the top dog in this category — with an average of 7.1 days.

Lastly, Nielsen tracked the daily average number of sessions, and, again, Wii was last with 1.78 sessions, whereas the Xbox 360 and PS3 had much higher averages of 2.15 and 2.74 sessions, respectively. So, how would you rank your console usage?

The Nielsen report on American console usage percentages contains some mislabeled data, according to a correction sent to Fast Company by Nielsen’s Gavin McMillan. In the original PDF’s Figure 4, “January 2008 to January 2009 Video Console Usage Percents,” the Wii and Xbox 360’s positions are transposed for January 2009. The correct chart appears above, showing that Wii usage, at 20.7% of the total recorded usage minutes, exceeded 360 usage (18.2%) in January.

The average percentage of active use for each console for December 2008, the metric on which we reported yesterday, remains accurate. That refers to the percent of use each console got against the total possible time users could have been using them.


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