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Looks like someone might be trying to steal a little bit of the Nintendo Wii’s thunder. Newly found patent documents show that Sony has been hard at work creating a new motion controller for the Playstation 3. “gofreak” over at the NeoGAF forums was the first to stumble on the patent applications.

According to “gofreak”, the new controller will use several technologies to determine the actual location of the device in 3D space. They are: 1) Ultrasound to “determine absolute depth from an ultrasonic detector”—the PS3 EyeToy being the detector.  

2) A set of LEDs “picked up by the PSEye camera to determine absolute X/Y position.”

3) An accelerometer to “determine xyz and rotational inertia.”

By looking at the diagram (click on the images for larger shots), it also appears that the controllers will be able to link together in various positions for multiple functions. One position shows the two linking side-by-side to create somewhat of a “DualShock” appearance, while another image shows two controllers linking up end-to-end, creating a crazy boomerang-looking device.

The whole design looks very intriguing, but it seems like it might be too complicated for the “casual” gamer market that Nintendo has successfully tapped. And that “boomerang” mode looks like it could be particularly dangerous in some scenarios. Sony could be attempting to bring sophisticated motion controls to its hardcore demographic. Regardless, it all boils down to the games, so Sony, I ask you to bring it on.

So, this holiday season, are you leaning towards the Nintendo Wii, or are these new developments going to make you think twice?

Check out all of the images over at NeoGAF—trust me, they’re worth a click

Several months ago, a variety of legitimate publications got word of a PS3 Wiimote-like device that could split in two. We dubbed it the “DualMotion.” Today the patent for the DualMotion has been uncovered and while it uses accelerometers and LED-based tracking (similar to the Wiimote), the DualMotion also deploys ultrasonic frequencies to determine absolute xyz position (based upon controller distance from other controllers and your television). Oh, and two DualMotions can assemble to make one big DualMotion. Just check it out in what we believe is the craziest patent diagram ever:
What’s so unique about the DualMotion doesn’t appear to be that it splits, but that it joins. In the leaked shots of the patent app, we see two different joined configurations. One puts them side by side, like a dual-wielded pistol, and the other attaches them butt to butt, like a dog bone or Requiem for a Dream.


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