Get Partial Refunds For Sony PS3 Removal of OS


Sony’s Firmware 3.21 update for the PS3 gaming console has removed the possibility of installing third-party operating systems. As a consequence, retailer Amazon had to offer a partial refund to a dissatisfied owner and this could end up costing Sony. Citing a European law, a gamer has complained that the product performed differently than advertised and he was offered about $130 of the original cost of the PS3 console, which means approximately 20 percent.

The mentioned law places the burden of customer satisfaction on the retailer and not on the manufacturer. In case Amazon will have to pay more refunds, it will certainly have to discuss this aspect with Sony. There is also a possibility that Sony brings back Other OS compatibility. In case it does not and the problem gets more serious, the company may go to court.
If this happens, Sony has a single argument to oppose to dissatisfied owners by saying that the firmware update installation is optional. As in the United States the consumer protection laws are not so far-reaching, owners who are not content with the update have the only option of getting justice through a class action lawsuit. Another option for those who want to enable Other OS functionality on their consoles can also look for eventual hacks.


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