Bioshock Finally Confirmed To Be Coming To The Sony PS3


After months and months of rumors and speculation, it has been confirmed that Take-Two is bringing the Xbox 360 and PC shooter Bioshock to the next-gen Sony PS3.

Bioshock performed extremely well at retail and with critics when it released on the Xbox 360 and PC last year, receiving many game of the year awards

It is now coming to the Sony PS3 as confirmed by the UK PlayStation magazine known as PSM3.

Their next issue will have a full preview of the game on the PS3, with screens included. It is believed the PS3 version will have improved visuals, as well as new features, and possibly new levels.

2K Games’ ultra-successful underwater morality tale BioShock will see a release on PlayStation 3 consoles this holiday season, according to the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

BioShock Creative Director Jordan Thomas (a recent replacement for creator Ken Levine) confirmed the rumor in an interview in the July issue of the magazine, though he hasn’t said how the PlayStation 3 version will differ from the Xbox 360 and PC original.

PlayStation 3 owners who never experienced BioShock ought to be overjoyed at this news, but honestly, is there anyone who didn’t see this coming? With the amount of cash a re-release of the game will generate, it was inevitable that it would happen someday — we’re just surprised it took this long.


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