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Sony has just released its new Xperia Z2, trying to create an innovative device that is able to compete with high class smartphones. This might be perceived as a bold move, but it definitely stands out, giving HTC and Samsung something to think about. There is no doubt that Z2 is actually an updated version of Z1, and therefore there aren’t too many differences between these two models. However, there are some improvements that might be appreciated.

The two competitors, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, have gone through some cosmetic changes, while Xperia Z2 preferred to preserve its previous design. This is great because it seems that Sony didn’t change anything just for the love of change, but on the contrary, it focused on improving the phone’s weak features. The original design is quite great, managing to stand out.

This is quite a sturdy phone, thanks to its aluminum frame that confers more rigidity, keeping at the same time its classy look that is so appreciated by its users. Therefore, this is a resistant phone that has managed once again to make a statement. As mentioned before, Sony decided to make a new improvements to the new Xperia Z2, and among them, the biggest one is definitely the 5.2-inch display. Having a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, this improved display provides more lively colors. This happens because the Z1’s TFT panel has been replaced with an IPS panel. This vivid display is amazing for multimedia use.


Another addition that has been made for this new model is represented by the front stereo speakers, which are placed on the top and the bottom of the device. In order to get the best sound the user should go to the settings, enabling the enhancements such as Clear Phase, xLOUD, and S-Force Front Surround. Once these enhancements are enabled, the sound definitely becomes richer.

There have been made some subtle changes with the interface, changing the notification icons and the animations. Even though these changes are very subtle, they are visible. Another change that is worth mentioning is the camera, which has managed to acquire a 4K video recording. However, this is actually added as an app to the stock camera interface, and therefore even Z2 could take advantage of this option.

Taking an overall look to all the changes, one can say that the new display, the stereo speakers from the top and the bottom of the phone and the 4K video recording support are the best additions of this year. All these additions are enough for a few users who are willing to change their old models with this improved version. Thinking about all the competitors that are on the market, it is safe to say that it is only a matter of time until the prices will fall in order to attract more customers. Right now, the Z2 is preferred by many people, this being the proof that Sony has made a great job.


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