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A few days ago, we had reported that Mobile-Review’s Eldar got hold of Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Kurara and that it is likely to sport HD Video recording (@720P of course).

Almost a week later, as it turns out, Eldar has posted a preview of the handset (in Russian) and hasn’t actually said very good things about the phone.

Before we start on what’s wrong with the Kurara’s arrival now, let’s see what the phone actually has in store for us. The Kurara is the second S60 based phone from Sony Ericsson and will be similar to the Satio – which has already been launched. The Satio trumps the Kurara in terms of the camera megapixel count and features – thanks to its 12.1 megapixel sensor. The Kurara, on the other hand, boasts of HD Video recording and the immensely powerful ARM Cortex A8 Processor with 256MB of RAM that makes it a blazing performer. The phone also comes with a dedicated graphics chip.The phone is expected to cost around 400 Euros (Rs. 28,000 approx.) when it’s finally out sometime in early 2010; and that seems to be the problem!

The Kurara is, no doubt, a powerful handset. However, it suffers from the same problem that Sony Ericsson never seems to be leaving behind. Had this phone been out, say by June 2009, this would have no doubt, been a technological marvel. However, unfortunately, the Koreans introduced something known as the i8910 Omnia HD way before the Kurara was here and by the time this one makes its grand entry, the Omnia HD might just be a better phone at a cheaper price. Also, the fact that the Kurara doesn’t have anything to offer over the Omnia HD (which also has a better, bigger AMOLED display) makes the Kurara look like a wrong phone at the wrong time. However, if Sony Ericsson is able to price the device sensibly, it would actually make a pretty good handset.

Note that the specs of the device are still pretty much relevant. It’s faster and has more features than most phones out there. It’s just that another company already has a similar handset with slightly better features. Also, Nokia is coming with its X6 – which is expected to offer similar features along with Nokia’s bundled services which the Sony Ericsson might not be able to match.

In short, if the Kurara is priced decently, the phone would be a runaway success – and might even eat into the Omnai HD’s market, which has no competition as of now.

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