New Updates on the XPERIA Z2 Smartphone


Nowadays, the industry of smartphones is perhaps the most fiercely competitive industry out there. We keep hearing about the constant battle between “yin and yang” competitors the likes of Apple (leading the market with its sought-after iPhone models) as well as Samsung (a close second in popularity who is earning more and more ground).


However, Japanese giant consumer electronics corporation Sony has always been on the forefront of consumer electronics and they managed to keep up with the smartphone craze since the launch of their earlier Xperia models. This line of smartphones set out to become one of the most sought after and established competitor within this particular market space, boasting rave reviews on the flexibility and reliability of these particular products, as well as enjoying a growing loyal following of customers from all over the world.

The company recently revealed new updates and details concerning the latest, upcoming incarnation of their flagship smartphone model: the Xperia Z3.

This particular item is expected to be released to the retail stores around the world sometimes soon. There are no precise details as of today, but Sony loosely hints at a release during the summer season.

The US release, for example is coming a bit later: the brand has been focusing more extensively on other markets, particularly in Europe and in growing markets the likes of India, source of consistently bigger earnings and home to an ever-increasing base of customers and enthusiasts. As it is common within the smartphone industry, it will be possible to purchases Sony XPERIA Z2 at a special price, if you chose to sign up with a specific carrier, or at the full retail price, if you desire to unshackle yourself from any subscription obligation and purchase the fully unlocked device.




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