A 12 Mega Pixel Camera Phone On Its Way


The mega pixel war in mobile phones is in its full swing, with every mobile manufacturer trying to incorporate a better numerical figure in its mobile phones. All the leading brands, be it Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung or Motorola, all have entered into this mega pixel war. The most recent 8 MP camera phones are now dominating the market, with Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber Shot, Samsung Innov8 and LG KC910 being in the forefront. The year 2008 saw a surge in 8MP camera phones.

Come 2009 and we may witness the emergence of a 12 mega pixel camera phone. Doesn’t that sound quite interesting? News is pouring in that Sony Ericsson is working on its new phone that would feature a whopping 12 mega pixel camera and would probably hit the market in 2009. First it was a 2 mega pixel Cybershot K750i, then K850i with a 5 MP camera and then C905 with an 8.1MP camera with xenon flash. And now, a 12MP successor to C905 Cyber Shot.

Sony Ericsson CybershotSony Ericsson, for the time being, has codenamed it ‘Kokura’ and it is likely to feature a full touch screen, similar to the Apple iPhone interface. It would perhaps be based on the TI3240 chipset with S60 interface and Symbian OS version 9.4. The grapevine is abuzz with the news of another cyber shot phone from Sony Ericsson, codenamed ‘Yurika’, which would apparently be a message based phone. It would feature access to YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Since it is supposed to be a message centric phone, it would likely come with a slide-out QWERTY keypad and would bear resemblance, in features, to the ‘Kokura’. Opting out of the memory sticks, this phone would come with SD card storage. It would perhaps lack a 3.5mm headphone jack and standard mini or micro USB socket.

Samsung too seems to be working on a 12MP camera phone. More instantly, it is heard that it is working on an 8MP module with 3x optical zoom. With a proper zoom and lens, you can definitely do away with your compact digital cameras.

All said and done, if rumour mills are to be believed, Sony Ericsson’s inspirational 12 MP camera is in progress and there is not much we can do for now, than to sit with bated breath for its release. What the future holds, only time can tell.


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