Win Sony Reader via Fun Google Books Contest!


Nothing like adding a little levity to the black eye Google is getting over its Google Book Search project.

I just successfully finished answering five literature-related questions for the Google Books game, the first round in the 10 Days in Google Books contest.

Here’s how it works: For the next 10 days, Google will ask us five questions each day on a different theme related to books. We have to search Google Books to find the answers.

Answer each day’s questions correctly and you can enter a contest to win a Sony Reader. After you answer the questions, write an entry of 50 words or less on the topic of books.

Each day, the top three submissions will win Sony Readers. The first 20,000 people to play the game will also get Google Books laptop stickers. You can, of course, increase your chances to win the Reader by coming back the next day to try again.

It seems like it could be tricky, but Google offers hints, and here’s my hint to tell you how to succeed: Basically, just take the subject of the question, and enter it in the search box below.

To play, below is the link


Here is a snapshot of Question 3 in today’s game, which has a music theme:


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