Sony unveils Incredible prototype 360 degree 3D with Video


The display offers an impressive image and doesn’t require glasses. It’s just a prototype now.

The only problem (for now) is what would you do with it? Many TV shows still haven’t even switched to HD image how long it’ll take for full 3D (not to mention just the pop-up 3D the glasses produce). That alone sets this probably decades away from any practical use in that application which leaves niche markets, video games, and possibly PCs.

Of course as we learned from Blu-ray Sony isn’t opposed to pushing brand new tech into commercial acceptance through the Playstation brand so I wouldn’t be surprised if the first applications we see out of this would be a PS branded product of some sort(still probably at least 2-3 Gens down the line)

Regardless it is quite exciting tech, but as always sony’s tech is usually too far ahead of the learning curve to be used in a timely manner. Here’s looking forward to the 3D tech war of 2035!!!

Pretty incredible. Look forward to seeing the possible applications for this.


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