Sony unveils Facebook game


Sony Online Entertainment LLC unveiled Tuesday a new “Wildlife Refuge” game for Facebook.

The San Diego-based game developer, which operates an Austin design studio, primarily developers titles for the massively-multiplayer Internet games and gaming consoles. But the company is one of many delving into the revenue potential of social networking-based games.The “Wildlife Refuge” is set in Africa and sends players on a mission to help build a refuge for exotic animals. Users can customize their virtual animal sanctuaries, discover new breeds and protect animals from poachers and other dangers.
Players also earn rewards and an “Ecosystem Rating” for building, decorating and securing their refuge, as well as exploring and interacting with neighboring gamers. The game generates revenue through selling “Station Cash” for virtual supplies and tools.

Sony said it will donate a portion of proceeds from the game to the Cheetah Conservation Fund and Cheetah Kids.

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