Sony unleashes single wire interface technology for mobile phones


The varied sizes and shape of mobile phones appears to eventually damage the internal wiring of connections. Catering to this problem, Sony has pulled the wraps off its new single wire interface technology for mobile phones. This tool transmits data and power supply via a solo cable which is enhanced with design flexibility and reliability alongside working mechanisms.

This advanced technology streamlines the internal wiring of mobile devices into a single copper wire. Earlier, handsets were integrated with an array of cable wires that transmitted powers of video, audio and control signals.

But through this single cable users can enjoy the same experience that akin utilizing previous devices. With the release of new devices that accommodate specialized functionalities, the internal volume of wiring systems also increases.

The solo wire is produced with a bi-directional transmission that utilizes time division duplex and multiplex attributes. It supports various signals such as video, audio, control, display, camera and the DC power. High speed data and DC power supply can be sent within a limited frequency bandwidth, courtesy Sony’s unique encoding technology. The company has collaborated with ROHM for correct technical testing and development of the analog portion. After this merger, the company is known to permit ROHM with the license for the IP digital portion which is integrated in this new tool.

The technology transmits at a speed of up to 940Mbps and consumes 10-80mW during transmission and when on standby takes up around 0.3mW of power. Furthermore, for analog IC the supplied voltage power is 1.5V or 3.0V with a transmission distance of up to 60cm. The supplied current value and operating ambient temperature are 600mA and -20 – +85 degree Celsius respectively.

The technology should be implementable on devices with a screen display of WVGA resolution and a VGA camera. The handsets should be also integrated with an audio and DC power wiring and controls of several sensors like touch panels while also receiving data. It should further include a 4 key switch data acquisition and 2 LED flash controls.

The single wire interface technology is anticipated to be available soon. Details of specific mobile phones models to incorporate the technology first are yet not revealed.


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