Sony `Touches’ Consumers this Holiday Season with Interactive Holiday Store Windows


This holiday season consumers strolling down New York’s Madison Avenue will be in for a surprise as they are overtaken by giant working replicas of Sony’s latest electronics products on display in Sony Style store windows. Themed “Touch Someone with a Gift from Sony Style,” the interactive holiday windows went on display beginning Nov. 13 at Sony Style flagship stores in New York; at Metreon, Sony’s Entertainment Center in San Francisco; and at The Sony Gallery on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

Huge, oversized versions of this year’s must-have hot products from Sony include CLIÉ handhelds, PlayStation® consoles, WEGA® televisions, Cybershot® digital cameras, CD Walkman® players and DVD players. They appear in a series of six windows and can be activated by shoppers passing by simply by touching a button on the glass. “The idea behind the windows is to allow consumers to interact with our products, but in a lighthearted and entertaining way,” said Christine Belich, executive creative director for Sony Style. “The initial interaction on the outside of the storefronts will encourage consumers to enter the store and test out the actual products.”

Bigger than life exact replicas of each product, and modern, bright graphics were created and installed by Parker Interior Plantscape’s spinoff, Parker who also designed the interactive experience of the windows. Sony Style New York features six windows, and the Chicago Gallery and San Francisco Metreon Sony Style stores each have two. Inside the stores the “Touch Someone with a Gift from Sony” theme continues throughout the product displays. The Sony Style concept stores in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills, Calif. feature similar graphics in their windows and in store.

At Sony Style New York, the first window features a five-foot CLIÉ device with a screen made of a 42″ plasma display. When viewers press the button on the window the screen changes from the main CLIÉ screen to a humorous video clip of Santa.

The second and third windows feature Playstation with 42-inch and 61-inch plasma televisions. An oversized graphic of the control panel is outside the window and active to play. The game in play appears on the television inside the window.

The last three windows each feature a five-foot Cybershot digital camera with a flash and a lens that zooms in, both controlled by a button on the outside of the window; a five-foot CD Walkman player which can be opened and closed at the touch of a button to reveal a CD with Sony Music Entertainment’s latest holiday tunes inside; and a five-foot DVD player with a tray that slides in and out when activated from the outside that features the latest DVD releases from Columbia Tristar Home Video

All of the windows represent Sony’s “Like No Other” unique position as both an entertainment and technology company. The windows are on display through Jan.


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