Sony to Starting Rocking Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 15th 2010


Sony has announced the date and time for its annual E3 keynote in Los Angeles. The company will reveal their big plans for the upcoming year on Tuesday 15 June at 11.30am Pacific time, or 7.30pm in the UK. Microsoft has two events planned with a dedicated Natal presentation on June 13th and a more general press conference on the 14th. Nintendo has not yet revealed the date of its press conference, so we don’t know where Sony will fit into the final order of presenters.

Jockeying for a desireable time might be more important than you’d think. This year there will be some big announcements from all three major console manufacturers competing for gamers’ attention. Nintendo has said that it will show off a playable prototype of its new 3DS handheld system. That device is rumored to use new LCD technology to send transposed images to the human eye without the need for special glasses. Microsoft has similarly promised that a completed version of its Natal motion detecting gear will be on display and playable in a near final form. Sony does not have a dedicated time slot to show off the Move controller, suggesting that it is still a bit further behind in development. Last year’s Sony conference was judged by most to be quite stong, despite some embarrassing leaks.
The audience witnessed the debut of both the Sony PSPgo and the PlayStation Move (before it had a name), as well as some big blockbuster exclusives. This year we honestly don’t know what to expect. We’ll probably post up a list of our predictions later in the month, but for now we expect to see the company focus on new online services (such as a subscription plan) as well as the all-important games. Aside from getting a closer look at the PlayStation Move, we don’t expect to see much in the way of new hardware from Sony at E3 2010, but we’ve been surprised before.


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