Sony’s new Handheld Offer an Entertaining Twist


Latest CLIÉ Devices Feature Flip-and-Swivel Screens and Integrated Extras Like a Camera, Keyboard and MP3 Player

Sony Electronics today introduced the industry’s first rotating color LCD screen on its new CLIÉ ™ PEG-NR70V and PEG-NR70 handhelds.

The future of music met the future of handhelds at a news conference featuring jazz pioneer Herbie Hancock who helped bring the multimedia devices to life, demonstrating that, like his music, the new handhelds offer a perfect blend of art and technology.

“Just one look at the new CLIÉ handheld series and you can tell it’s a radical departure from the square LCD flanked by four menu buttons,” said Russell Paik, vice president of handheld marketing at Sony Electronics. “Think about playing color games with sound, taking photos with special effects, listening to your favorite music and keeping your datebook – all with the cachet of Sony design.”

A Shape That Shifts

Sony’s latest handhelds pack new performance features in an elegant design. The first handhelds to support Dragonball™ Super VZ (66MHz) processor and 16 MB of DRAM (15 MB available), Sony’s new devices can support faster, intensive games and movie clips. Innovative from the inside out, the CLIÉ PEG-NR70V and NR70 handhelds offer three configurations that make handheld computing as flexible as any lifestyle:

OPEN – The devices open in a v-shape configuration for optimal screen viewing and access to the integrated keyboard. Type quick notes to friends or update Microsoft® Word application documents with supplied Documents To Go® 4.0 Standard Edition by DataViz, Inc.

TURN – Rotate the screen 180 degrees then fold to cover the keyboard. This classic configuration is ideal for taking pictures with the built-in camera or jotting down notes using virtual Graffiti®, a software-based Graffiti pad.

CLOSED – Rotate the display back 180 degrees and close to protect the screen from accidental taps and scratches, an ideal position for listening to the integrated MP3 player with the LCD turned off to extend battery life.

In addition to the built-in keyboard, virtual Graffiti and an on-screen keyboard, both models feature the popular Jog Dial™ navigator with a back button for single-handed operation, which is ideal for scrolling through menus and supported applications.

It Takes Pictures, Too

The CLIÉ PEG-NR70V handheld is the first Palm OS®-based device to feature an integrated digital camera, located on the hinge connecting the screen and keyboard. Now, users can easily capture the moment by pressing a convenient capture button that automatically launches the CLIE™ camera application. Once activated, this button takes digital images with one touch. The camera lens rotates 300 degrees to enable multiple shooting angles. Creative users, who want to add special effects to their images, can choose to shoot a downtown street in sepia tones or a family portrait in black-and-white.

Users can enhance standard productivity applications. For example they can snap a new acquaintance’s photo to add a name to a face in the address book. Images can be saved directly to the internal memory or to a Memory Stick® media card in three digital image sizes (320 x 240, 160 x 120, or 88 x 88 pixel resolutions)— which are great for e-mailing or Web posting.

The CLIÉ ™ Paint application converts a stylus into a virtual paintbrush, enhancing photos with an expanded collection of digital stamps, including flowers, symbols and dialogue bubbles. Finished creations can be saved on a Memory Stick card in the JPEG format for printing and sharing.

Get the Picture With Sound and Images

The CLIÉ NR70V and NR70 models offer the highest rsolution screen (320 x 480 pixel resolution on supported applications) available on any Palm OS-based device, which ensures that users see the full breadth and depth of their images with more than 65,000 brilliant colors.

Both new handhelds feature an integrated digital audio player and come supplied with an in-line remote controller and earbud headphones. Users can listen to their favorite songs stored on the optional Memory Stick card. Through the integrated speaker, users can enjoy audio files without the use of headphones. When viewing gMovie™ application video clips, the audio support on the new handhelds brings home movie clips to life with stereo sound.

Appointment reminders can now be customized. Both the CLIÉ NR70V and NR70 models enable users to select preset sounds or to convert select MIDI and WAV sound files on a PC with the bundled Sound Converter application.

Software for Living

Both units incorporate an enhanced infrared port and Sony’s CLIÉ ™ Remote Commander application that transform the handhelds into universal remote controllers capable of commanding system settings on most DVD players, TVs, VCRs and AV receivers —all from a distance of up to 15 feet.

Maximize Battery Life

While both new handhelds come with a robust lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, power users get an added boost from two new energy options: the PEGA-BC10 battery adapter and the PEGA-DC10 car battery adapter.

The new PEGA-BC10 battery adapter offers a lightweight and convenient way to charge on the fly. Insert four AA batteries (sold separately) into the adapter and connect to the serial port of a CLIÉ T or NR series handheld to extend operating hours. Users can also switch the adapter’s three-position indicator between on, off and charge to get extra battery power whenever they choose.

Commuters can charge on the way to work with the new PEGA-DC10 car battery adapter by plugging it into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter port to charge on the road. Passengers can enjoy games and MP3s on the CLIÉ handheld while the device charges.

Pricing and Availability

The CLIÉ PEG-NR70V handheld with integrated camera and MP3 player will be available at retailers nationwide the beginning of May for about $600. For users looking for MP3 playback who do not need the integrated camera, the CLIÉ PEG-NR70 model will ship in the beginning of May for about $500. The PEGA-BC10 battery adapter and PEGA-DC10 car battery adapter will be available for around $40 each. Pre-orders may be placed beginning today at .

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