Sony’s Latest Products for 2003 Show It’s In Tune With Consumer Preferences


At its annual winter “Open House” line show for U.S. retailers, Sony Electronics is showcasing a new generation of products designed to enhance lifestyle experiences and appeal to specific consumer segments. From Gen Y and young professionals to families and so-called “zoomers,” Sony’s focus on users’ preferences is clear across its 2003 audio, video and IT product lines.

The new line spotlights exciting features, cutting-edge design and enhanced functionality that all combine to satisfy the discriminating tastes of young singles, D.I.N.Ks (dual income no kids), families with teens, and empty nesters experiencing their second adolescence. The extensive line-up includes:

Two new LCD WEGA® TVs:

Joining a recently announced 30-inch model is a 23-inch LCD WEGA TV (KLV-23HR1) featuring 16:9 wide screen functionality and Digital Reality Creation™ circuitry for sharp picture detail, and

A 15-inch LCD WEGA TV (KLV-15HS1) with a 4:3 LCD panel featuring 1280 x 768 resolution and the WOW™ audio effect for improved low and mid-level audio frequency response.

Four FD Trinitron WEGA TVs:

Both a 4:3 30-inch (KV-30HS510) and a 16:9 34-inch (KV-34HS510) FD Trinitron® WEGA® TV with the Digital Visual Interface for playing back copy-protected, high-definition video content (requires a high definition set-top box) featuring a Hi-Scan 1080i™ monitor and a Memory Stick® media slot; and

Three Grand WEGA™ models:

A 42-inch (KF-42WE610), 50-inch (KF-50WE610) and 60-inch (KF-60WE610) 16:9 widescreen, LCD-based rear projection TV with DVI, plus the proprietary LCD Optical Engine and WEGA Engine™ system for exceptional, detailed picture quality from any video content source.

Three Widescreen High Definition Rear Projection TVs

A 51-inch (KDP-51WS550), 57-inch (KDP-57WS550) and 65-inch (KDP-65WS550) 16:9 widescreen rear projection HDTV fully integrated with a built-in ATSC tuner and HD MicroFocus™ CRT and HD Detailer™ wideband video amplifier.

Seven new Cyber-shot® P series digital still cameras:

(DSC-P32, DSC-P52, DSC-P72, DSC-P92. DSC-P8, DSC-P10, DSC-V1):

The DSC-P32, -52 and -72 models feature a 3.2 megapixel Super HAD™ CCD. The DSC-P92, -P10 and -V1 models feature a 5.0 megapixel Super HAD CCD. All six models provide Sony’s new Smart Zoom capability. The DSC-P52 incorporates a 2X optical zoom and the -P72, -P92, -P8 and -P10 have a 3X optical zoom and the V1 has a Carl Zeiss® lens with 4X optical zoom.

Two new CD Mavica® series digital still cameras:

The MVC-CD500 camera features a 5.0 megapixel Super HAD CCD, a Carl Zeiss lens with 3X optical zoom and the new Smart Zoom capability. The MVC-CD350 model has a 3.2 megapixel Super HAD CCD, 3X Optical Zoom and new Smart Zoom function.

Five DVD changers and one single-disc player:

The DVP-CX985V offers a 400-disc changer and along with the DVP-NC685V model, features multi-channel SACD functionality. Two single-disc changers (DVP-NS725P, DVP-NS425P) feature progressive scan output for enhanced DVD picture performance; two 5-disc changers ((DVP-NC665P, DVP-NC685V) add DVD-RW/CD-R/RW* and MP3 playback. The DVP-PQ2 is the next generation in Sony’s PSYC® DVD line geared to Gen Y. It’s compact, transportable and features a bold faceplate design that allows users to personalize it’s look

Three new computer LCD monitors:

The SDM-HS53 15-inch, SDM-HS73 17-inch and SDM-HS93 19-inch liquid crystal display monitors have high-performance flat panels with fast response times and great contrast ratios. They all feature a sleek floating picture frame design. that brings out the sleek styling.

An All-in-one VAIO® desktop PC:

This all-in-one desktop PC, the PCV-W20, offers a Pentium® 4 processor, rich software applications and a flip-up wide screen LCD panel designed to maximize multimedia and integrated A/V entertainment.

New PSYC® portable audio line:

Available in Pulse Red, Move Blue and Disco Yellow, Sony’s Gen Y-oriented PSYC line includes the new D-EJ360 CD Walkman® player with virtually skip free G protection and extended battery life for up to 40 hours of continuous playback, the CFD-E95 boombox with CD-R/RW compatibility, and the PSYC Dream Machine® CD clock radio also with CD-R/RW playback.

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