Sony Rumor: Sony Brazil will import PS3 as of November to sell in Brazil.


Playstation expanding to Latin America specifically Brazil. This is great news for Brazilian gamers. I guess if you have to start somewhere in South American, you might as well go with the biggest country. Not sure when in November but it’s just in time for the holidays. Maybe Sony is starting to feel the pinch and is going to expand to other markets in order to regain control vs XBOX/WII. I think it’s a great idea and look forward to having the PS3 expand to other countries.
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Ok, I understand that Brazil is known for the piracy and everything, but there’s also serious gamers like myself, and I would really like to be able to buy consoles and games just like a american guy or european or a japanese can do.
Why can’t I do that? I will show you.

Let’s do first some benchmarks :
imagine that a very good salary for a software developer here in brazil is 5.000 reais. That gives you some 2000 dollars, but if you compare with a guy in the US, it can be almost 1 by 1. So they guy in the US, goes in the store… and want’s to buy a ps3.
He pays 499 dollars, and 60 bucks for a game. and go home. spending a little bit more than 15% of his salary to buy it all.

In Brazil the same guy would have to pay 8000 reais, or 3711 USD. so, more then 1 full salary (not excluding taxes) to have a ps3 at home.

What’s so funny : with 8k reais, I can leave know, pick a flight to new york, buy a ps3 there, come back and I will almost have some money to spend in beers.


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