Sony Rumor: Facebook is Coming to the PlayStation 3


Earlier today, website Scrawl stumbled upon what appears to be an unintentional first glimpse at a major PS3 firmware update. The somewhat tiny images Scrawl found buried, yet publicly accessible on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s website, seem to hint at native Facebook integration on the console, along with the ability to change “gamer card” colors (as if the current friends list wasn’t obnoxious enough) and view thumbnails of photos in a grid layout.

The images are still up as of this posting, but we’d imagine Sony will be pulling them before too long — legit or not. After all, these could simply be mock-ups of design ideas meant for internal eyes only, just … bungled. The one element that isn’t design-related, the Facebook settings subsection of User Accounts, has us thinking there’s a higher than average chance these aren’t simple mock-ups, but rather the result on a Sony slip-up.
We contacted SCEE regarding the images and were told by a spokesperson that the company “doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

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