Sony Launches New CineAlta™ Web Site for Television, Independent Film and Motion Picture Professionals


Underscoring growing industry adoption of its CineAlta™ high-definition video production system, Sony Electronics today unveiled the web site as an industry resource for its 24P technology

“This site represents a proactive response to the hundreds of requests we’ve received from television, independent film and major motion picture producers seeking more information about this exciting new technology,” said Larry Thorpe, senior vice president of marketing for acquisition systems at Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Professional Company. “It offers a method of sharing resources among Sony high-definition users in the production community and the many vendors and manufacturers enthusiastically embracing 24P technology.”
The site offers breaking news from the CineAlta™ news desk, technical information, critical reviews, and articles about 24P, as well as 1080/60i high-definition projects, case studies, equipment- and media-specific FAQs, and industry white papers. In addition, the site features premiere content from creativePLANETcommunities, including,, and

“The new web site is the world’s first site for everyone involved in high definition, digital production and imaging,” said Cristina Clapp, editor of CreativePlanet’s web communities. “It’s the most comprehensive resource for high definition production using the most universal technology available.”

The CineAlta™ high-definition production system includes Sony’s award-winning 24P HDCAM® HDW-F900 camcorder, which offers a digital alternative to 35mm film; the associated HDW-F500 videotape recorder, and the multi-format BVM-F24U video monitor.

Sony supports its core CineAlta system with a wide array of digital production tools, such as the XPRI™ nonlinear video editor and the MVS-8000 production switcher. This system, supported by many products from many manufacturers, facilitates the creation of all-digital, integrated production systems, which allow acquired content to remain in its native digital format throughout the entire production process.

Renowned producers of television shows, commercials, documentaries, live events, independent films and major motion pictures have embraced Sony’s CineAlta™ technology, which offers greater creative flexibility, better suitability for digital effects and, for filmmakers, the provision of instant “dailies.”

Acclaimed filmmaker George Lucas shot “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones” entirely in 24P.

Other CineAlta productions include the acclaimed A&E dramatic series “100 Centre Street;” CBS’ drama “The Education of Max Bickford,” and the U.S. Army’s “Go Army” commercials, among many others.


Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Professional Company (BPC) provides advanced products and systems for a variety of professional and broadcast markets, including production, corporate, industrial, government, security, medical and educational institutions. Sony offers products and systems designed to facilitate the transition to digital technologies in the emerging broadband network era. Sony products, systems and services include those for broadcast acquisition, production, storage, data management, system integration, digital imaging, digital printing, large and small venue display, and projection applications. Sony Electronics recorded annual sales approaching $14 billion in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2001.


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