Sony Expands Line-up of New Memory Stick Products at COMDEX 2001


Sony Electronics today showcased a number of currently available, new and future Memory Stick® media-based products at the Memory Stick Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company is profiling the ultra-small, high-capacity, durable media as a means of linking digital products and sharing data.

Introduced in October 1998, Memory Stick media has grown in popularity as a flash media standard, designed to store, transfer and share music, videos, pictures or any digital data. In addition to the variety of popular consumer products, Sony showcased new Memory Stick media’s compatible products including video conferencing systems, CD-RW drives and Memory Stick expansion modules, car audio products and digital photo printing kiosks. The other significant expansion of Memory Stick platform capabilities is the new digital camera expansion module for use with select CLIÉ handheld models.

The Memory Stick format has made significant strides in worldwide adoption since introduced as a concept at COMDEX 1998. Some key facts include:

* More than 300 different Memory Stick media-compatible products currently available;

* 189 Memory Stick format supporting companies as of Nov. 9, 2001;

* More than 15 million cumulative worldwide media shipments at the end of October; and

* More than 15 million Memory Stick media cumulative worldwide compliant product shipments at the end of October


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