Sony debuts 13 inch Flexible e-Paper at Eco-Products 2010


Sony yesterday showed off a new 13.3 inch flexible e-Paper display at the Eco-Products trade show in Toyko Japan, which ran from December 9th to December 11th 2010.

This new e-Paper Sony debuted here at the conference was the first time they have ever shown it off before to the public, and got rave reviews in clarity and pixel density.

Although Sony declined to give exact specs on the e-Paper in terms of Pixel count and back-pane they did mention that they employed e-Ink corporations Microcapsules technology. Industry analysts at the event speculated that the resolution on the 13.3 inch display was around 640 x 480.

Sony also at the same trade-show had a new e-reader in tow, that was in the late prototype testing phase. It was billed as the next generation e-reader that has a flexible OLED panel and an urethane based chassis. This new chassis technology makes the e-reader feel nice and soft, almost formfitting, rather then being ridged.

It seems from the technology that Sony decided to bring to this conference was more or less proof of concept devices, which is why officially they did not divulge the specifications of the e-reader or the new e-paper devices. At the very least its nice to see Sony continue to innovate technology.

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