Rumor: Microsoft and Sony to cut prices before Christmas period


Some senior publishing source reckons that platform holders Microsoft and Sony will snip prices again in time for presents under the tree.

Sony UK has laughed off claims it could announce such plans, if they exist, as early as E3. Nintendo also have “no plans” to cut UK Wii prices.

The end of the year is when the new SKU price drops will be unveiled, reports MCV. However since their original report both Sony and Nintendo has responded casting serious doubt over any such plans.

Nintendo declared specifically: “This is total rumour and speculation and we currently have no plans to cut the price of Wii in the UK.” The source claims their own financial projections include the cheaper SKUs, and say it will bump the install base estimates for Q4 accordingly. The end of 2010 is a busy period yet again like last year, and could be hit with a slew of delays if it crams too much. Microsoft is unlikely to drop the price but simply add the Natal motion camera to its existing SKUs, with entry level at £130-150, with a possible Natal free bundle for £100. Frankly this is all wishful thinking on part of a publisher so …salt pinches everyone.

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