Rumor: iPhone 5 Camera Sensor to be Supplied by Sony?


Supposedly on the back of rumours floating the net waves that Apple has chosen Sony to supply the camera sensor for the next generation iPhone, namely what is being called the iPhone 5, current iPhone camera sensor supplier Omnivision sales have slipped.

However, according to an article over on Pocket Now by Chuong Nguyen and by way of an article over on Electronista, analysts believe that it is doubtful that Apple has already made up their mind as to who will be the suppliers for the iPhone 5, let alone select a rival.Yes Sony is a rival of Apple as Sony makes Microsoft based PC’s and equipment, and also is in partnership with Ericsson, but whose to say that Apple wouldn’t select Sony for their expertise in the camera field, and hasn’t Apple used Samsung parts before in the iPhone?

Whatever the case all this is speculation at the moment, Omnivision may be retained as the iPhone 5 camera sensor supplier, or Apple may decide to go with another, but no doubt in the end the next generation iPhone will sport a good camera one way or another.

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