Report: Sony Launching $70 PSN Premium at E3


Sony is said to be launching a new premium version of the PlayStation Network at E3 this year.

Sony may not be launching a new iteration of its handheld PSP console this year at E3 but that doesn’t mean the company won’t have a big reveal for the annual games convention. VG247 cites sources that say Sony will introduce us to a new version of PSN next month. While the current PSN costs nothing to use and will remain free, the new premium PSN will cost under $70 per year.VG247’s ‘highly placed source’ says this premium service will also include one game a month for free, with users choosing from between two and four titles.

“If you work it out, PSN games cost an average of £6-9 each, so over a year you’re basically going to be breaking even,” the source is quoted as saying.

The source went on to say that though the premium service would offer lots of extras, it wouldn’t mean fewer features for those with the regular, old free version. When asked about the possibility that cross-game voice chat was being saved as a paid feature, the source said this was absolutely not the case.

“I can tell you now, 100 percent, that that’s not the case. There’s nothing in the premium package which will gimp regular PSN users.”

Would you pay up to $70 per year for a premium version of PSN?

by Jane McEntegarta from Tom’s Hardware


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