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Speech: Year after year, we come to PMA and continue to be amazed by the vigorous pace at which consumers keep buying digital cameras and camcorders. But clearly, one thing hasn’t kept pace — the ability to satisfy consumer demand for high-quality printed output.

People like prints. Consumers are clearly yearning for the right solutions to digital photo printing. And Sony is prepared to meet this unprecedented demand with our strongest solutions ever.
We’re offering digital photo prints at home and at retail:

…in the home with consumer digital photo printers.

…in the retail store with the availability of our photo finishing systems.

Sony supports these efforts with our global “Print By Sony” program.

The “Print By Sony” logo is a hallmark of quality in the world of digital photo printing. And consumers can see this new logo…

…on our website,

…on our consumer printers,

…on our retail photo finishing systems,

…and on the back of every Sony digital photo print!

We’re also supporting this effort with a far-reaching marketing campaign that will teach consumers to look for the “Print By Sony” mark. This effort is already making big noise on the track at Daytona — where Ryan Newman’s Penske Racing #12 Ford finished eighth, as you can see for yourself.

Not only does “Print By Sony” have a logo on the racecar itself. “Print By Sony” is central to the experience visitors have at the Sony tent. Each racetrack visitor gets a chance to have their picture taken with the Sony car. The images are captured to Memory Stick media and then taken to a Sony-branded photo finishing station. The kiosk delivers a Sony print that drives our message home in the most personal, most persuasive way. And remember, there’s that crucial “Print by Sony” stamp of quality on the back of every print!

The “Print by Sony” campaign is a powerful promise. Let’s take a look at the products that deliver on the promise.

Sony is pleased to present the most flexible, most attractive line of consumer digital photo printers in our history.

We want the world to understand that you don’t need a PC to print your pictures. Our consumer printers let you produce full color prints with or without a PC.

Sony’s line of digital photo printers is all about freedom:

…Freedom from plugging your camera into your PC.

…Freedom to make additional prints anytime you want.

…Freedom to pick and choose your best photos and only print the ones you want to keep.

Sony printers are creative, with image cropping and editing, with printing for 1, 2, 4 or 9 images at a time, with the ability to print greeting cards and calendars and the option to print stickers.

And most important, Sony delivers high quality. Our digital photo prints look, feel and last like film-based photographs. And our Super Coat 2 protective lamination even stands up to coffee spills! The colors are rich, accurate and, like truly classic fashions, resistant to fade over time. So you can keep and share your memories year after year.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Sony digital photo printers for 2002!


Our recently introduced DPP-MP1 slips right into — or out of — a pocket. It combines true portability with true colors — 16.7 million colors, in fact. It produces borderless prints about the size of business card in just 90 seconds! è And the MP1 accepts Memory Stick media directly. So you can create high quality prints anywhere your travels take you.

New at PMA is the remarkable DPP-SV88. It has a built-in CD-R/RW burner, in addition to slots for Memory Stick media and PC Cards. Which means you can use it for storing, arranging and accessing hundreds of pictures at time. For example, you can archive images from flash media onto Compact Disc. Or copy pictures from CD to flash media. And of course, the SV88 can read CD-R and CD-RW discs directly from Sony CD Mavica cameras.

Like our other AC-powered printers, the DPP-SV88 printer creates beautiful, borderless four-by-six-inch and three-and-a-half-by-four inch prints with 3.8-megapixel resolution.

Our full complement of digital photo printers includes the SV55 and the SV77, which has a built-in LCD screen. You see both printers on the right side of the room. We also have several SV77 printers on hand for you to print out your photos from tonight’s event.

Easy. Flexible. Fashionable and fun. With a print quality and durability that’s always in style. Sony consumer digital photo printers give a whole new meaning to the phrase “Print by Sony.”

But home printers aren’t the only way to enjoy the quality of Print By Sony. Last year at PMA, we presented you with an important new concept in retail photo finishing systems.

This year we are delivering èSony PictureStation photo finishing systems. They reflect over ten years of Sony experience supplying digital print engines for a variety of retail environments. They provide powerful benefits for retailers and customers alike. The PictureStation line provides consumers…

…with photo-realistic image quality, with the ability to pick and chose the pictures they

want printed in the quantities they need, and all with immediate results. You simply slide in your media, choose your picture and print!

Now in the spotlight is our PictureStation countertop system. Designed to fit neatly into the largest range of retail environments, it consists of two separate components. èThe customer ordering terminal includes a clear display and accepts Smart Media, Floppies, CDs, PC cards, Memory Stick media and Compact Flash adaptors. The second piece is the printer, which can be put behind the counter, at the retailer’s option. Print sizes include everything from 3-1/2 by 5… to 8 by 10. èAnd the entire package starts at $7,995. It’s never been easier for retailers to get into digital photo finishing. And it’s never been easier for their customers to enjoy it!

The history of self-service print systems demonstrates that retail solutions must be able to withstand the most demanding of environments. At Sony our model of success is based on style, ease-of-use, fast service and immediate results without compromising quality.

Presenting the PictureStation photo finishing kiosk. This self-contained system is sleek, simple and trimmed in silver and basic black. The PictureStation kiosk occupies just a few square feet of precious floor space. Yet it delivers so much revenue potential. èAnd prices for the kiosk start at an affordable $10,995.

Sony has already begun placing PictureStation systems in just about in every type of retail location:


…department stores,

…quick printing service bureaus,

…consumer electronics retailers,

…mass merchandisers,

…and possibly the most demanding location of them all: photo specialty dealers.

Each retailer is using the Sony PictureStation system as the springboard of a marketing strategy to build a photo finishing business.

Last week, we spoke to Tom Gramegna of Bergen County Camera and Henry Posner of B&H Photo-Video. Listen to what they had to say about their PictureStation systems.

As you’ve just seen, customers have really taken to Sony photo finishing systems. Consumers are pleased with the picture quality. And retailers are happy with a slew of Sony benefits. They appreciate Sony’s service. And they like the opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream, to offer more services, faster, to sell more and larger prints, to sell more and better digital cameras and even — dare I say it? — to make a profit.

And, the consumers response to the PictureStation has been overwhelmingly strong. They enjoy high quality digital photos quickly from an easy-to-use system that allows them to walk out of the store with prints in hand.

Sony also brings unequalled flexibility to the retail print environment. First, we have the flexibility of space-saving countertop or kiosk configurations. Then, we have the flexibility to offer Sony branding or not. In fact, custom solutions with Sony print engines and Sony media stand will behind many successful third-party retail operations. So even if you’re ready to supply your own customer interface, you can still tap into the power of “Print by Sony.”

I’ve been talking quite a bit about ease of use. It’s time to walk the talk. Here’s Memory Stick media. Let’s say we give it to one of our models and see the kiosk in action!

I think that’s a retail experience anyone can understand — with a result everyone will appreciate!

…with a line of consumer printers

…and the launch of two PictureStation photo finishing systems

…Print By Sony will be a powerful message in 2002!

The Print By Sony concept is closing the loop in digital imaging. As you’ve seen today, Sony does everything from camera to PC to display to print. And we do it with all the picture quality consumers expect from the Sony brand.

Thank you.


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