PlayStation Network Down Again: Users Report Outages The Same Day


After a massive global outage, Sony began restoring service to the PlayStation Network on Sunday. However, some are reporting that the PSN is already down again.

Users have taken to Twitter to complain about the alleged outage, which apparently occurred only hours after Sony began bringing the network back up.

“Playstation Network is Back down looks like the servers have crashed,” tweets @Lee240788.

“Playstation Network was back up for about 10 minutes before going down again for maintenance. Nice work Sony!” tweets @Tomagefrais.The Twitter feed for Sony’s EU blog offered the following words to users: “Please bear with us as we continue working on #PSN restoration. We are experiencing extremely heavy traffic.”

Sony representatives were not immediately available for comment, but Steve Reynolds, Sony’s PSN Store operations manager, tweeted a bit of insight for his followers.

“All – I know PSN is down for maintenance,” tweeted Reynolds. “You’re all too eager 🙂 Bare with it.”

By Catharine Smith at Huffington Post


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