Playstation 4 will have Unparallelled Graphics. So Be Ready!!!


Today we have heard a little rumor from, which talks about the Sony PlayStation 4 using “unequalled graphics”. You can view the post here (translated into English) that writes about the PS4 using “a high end variant of the 6 Series line”.
While the details are sparse, and features are currently unknown, it’s an interesting read. The article continues to talk about an official announcement coming in 2010 from IMGTEC. Let us know what you think in the comments.Below has been translated to English from website

As some of you will know the companies are Sony and Microsoft, has been concentrating for the next console creation. As many of you might not know is that the weakest hardware of your graphics card is the black pearl. This fact is based on the Nvidia 7800, many people who have little understanding of the PC know that this is simply not assigned to jerk.

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But this choice is that Sony is probably (a conclusion which came after a nice conversation I have had with Mighty Mostert) as the PlayStation ® 3 else had been superior to the Xbox360. That’s right, as the PlayStation had been unmatched graphic namely, the current game developers have a problem, because then they had a separate game for each console make. This with the cost it brings with itself and the high price the PS3 has had in the beginning, was probably an early ending saga of the PlayStation ® 3.

The happiness that we have PS3-ers, however, is that we have the Cell processor, this incredible beast like cpu power on normally takes for the GPU (video card) had been. Now give FNGonline is rather that SCEI has officially chosen the PowerVR Series 6 by Imagination Technologies to produce the next console in 2012. (Where a film now in the bios running, the world will end, fine!) The IMGTec’s PowerVR Technology will use a technology called TBDR and 3 to 5 times better than a competitive level nVidia / ATI graphics card. TBDR was the basis of the Sega Dreamcast and the console for that reason that the time had incredible grafics.With all the current trends, the technology is so far the results have been developed that will be incredible. So the 6 Series card plus the Cell processor is … .. World Domination!

“The PlayStation 4 shall use a high end variant of the 6 Series line. Performance, specifications and features are unknown at this time. The Series 6 shall receive an official announcement from IMGTEC sometime in 2010, with initial models targeting the smartphone and netbook sectors.

IMGTEC’s PowerVR technology uses an advance technique called TBDR which can outperform a competing product IMR from nVidia / ATi by 3.5 fold whilst maintaining equal that size and price point. TBDR was the primary reason the SEGA Dreamcast was capable of such astonishing graphical feats as early as 1998.

Interestingly IMGTEC SCEI has also chosen as the graphics provider for their next generation PSP. That particular product shall however be using the 5XT Series. “

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