New Memory Stick Pro Format Offers Glimpse Into The Future Of Digital Devices


Sony’s Advanced Memory Cards Able to Record High-Quality Content in Real Time

Enabling users to listen, watch and enjoy a variety of rich content including high-resolution digital images, CD-quality audio and DVD-quality moving images, Sony Electronics announced U.S. introduction plans for its line of the new 256MB, 512MB and 1GB Memory Stick PRO™ media.

Jointly developed with SanDisk Corporation, the new generation of memory cards features high capacity, high-speed data transfer, high-level security and future expandability. The Memory Stick PRO format-enabled devices with high-speed data transfer capabilities can reach unparalleled levels of performance, such as real-time recording of high-resolution moving images.

“Memories, not just information, are stored on these tiny media cards. Sony developed Memory Stick PRO format together with SanDisk to ensure that those memories can be captured quickly and abundantly,” said Mark Viken, senior vice president of the Information Technology Products Division at Sony Electronics. “In much the way that DVD takes up where CD left off, Memory Stick PRO format builds upon the foundation of the popular standard Memory Stick platform.”

The Memory Stick PRO format integrates new technologies and features including:

*High Capacity – On a 1GB card, users can enjoy and record approximately:
o 16 CDs (calculated at 64MB per CD)
o 385 JPEG images in 5.0-megapixel quality, more than 10 rolls of 24/36 film.
o 24 minutes of DVD quality video (MPEG2)
o Six hours of MPEG4 (384Kbps) moving images

* High Speed – In addition to an improved transfer speed of up to 160 megabits per second (Mbps), an advantage of the Memory Stick PRO format is the minimum write speed of 15Mbps that can be realized with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices.

* Real-time Recording – Memory Stick PRO technology also incorporates software specifically designed to offer real-time recording of data. With compatible devices, users can now rest assured that their memory cards and more importantly, the content on the card, will not be compromised when they accidentally remove the card before all of the data has been transferred or recorded.

* Data Security – Tentatively dubbed the “Access Control Function,” the new protection technology will have the capability of securing content on the media, preventing others from accessing the files in the event the card is stolen or lost. The new format also includes the MagicGate™ copyright protection technology, which will provide secure transfer and playback of commercial and copyrighted content, such as digital music and in the future, video and games.

Compatibility with Current and Future Devices

While many new Memory Stick PRO media-enabled devices are expected to ship in spring 2003, certain devices currently in the market are able to accept the new format cards either natively or through a downloadable software patch.

Devices that can accept the new format cards natively include:

* Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-F717 digital camera
* Sony Handycam® Camcorders DCR-TRV350, 22,33,38,39,70 and 80
* Sony DPP-EX5 and -EX7 digital photo printers
* Sony XBR Grand WEGA™ KF-60XBR800, -50XBR800 LCD Projection TV
* Sony KLV30XBR900 LCD Color TV
* Sony Plasma WEGA™ KE-50XBR900, -42XBR900 Flat Panel Color TV
* Sony CINEZA™ VPL-HS10 Video Projector
* Sony MSAC-US20 USB Memory Stick adapter
* Sony MSAC-US70 USB optical mouse and Memory Stick adapter
* Sony MSAC-PC3 PC Card Memory Stick adapter

Devices that can accept the new Memory Stick PRO media after being updated via a software upgrade include (for additional product information and a complete list of compatible VAIO™ notebook and desktop PC models, visit in April):

* Sony CLIÉ ™ PEG-NZ90 handheld
* Sony CLIÉ PEG-NX70V handheld
* Sony CLIÉ PEG-NX60 handheld
* ore than 100 VAIO notebook and desktop PCs

Available at retail in April, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB Memory Stick PRO media will sell for about $190, $440 and $880, respectively.



Same as existing Memory Stick media (21.5 x 50 x 2.8mm)


32GB (Theoretical maximum)

Connector Pin


Connector Shape

Same as existing Memory Stick media (Planar electrode one-row)

Transfer Speed (theoretical maximum)

Up to 160Mbps or 20MB/sec

Minimum Write Speed

15Mbps (with optimized Memory Stick PRO format-compatible devices)

Power Source



100mA Maximum

Capacity, transfer speeds, and other Memory Stick PRO media features vary by and are dependent upon the design of host hardware devices. See host device specifications for details.


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