Huge Leak Reveals Everything Sony Has Planned for the Press Conference


Everybody knows that Sony’s next move has been to hold a press conference about its plans, and right now there has been a major leak that actually revealed everything even before the conference took place. The information has been given away by an anonymous source, which has obtain valuable information about Sony’s press conference, including a detailed list of the main issues that should have been discussed. On this list are included details concerning the new PlayStation 4, and some additional details about each demo game from the next month.

If you are curious about the information that has been recently released, here you have a list that will clarify you.

The press conference would have started with an uncharted PS4 trailer that has a duration of three minutes, showcasing the “in-engine” footage that has been interspersed with the gameplay segments. They promise unprecedented visuals, setting in this way a benchmark for the console graphics. The release date has been set for the next year, more exactly summer 2015. The product looks quite stellar.


It seems that 2015 is going to be a big year for Sony, since it has planned the launch the new Morpheus at the end of the year. Until then, the company is trying to perfect this amazing product that is preconized to bring an increasing profit to the company.

Concerning the games that will be released, it seems that Sony has some big plans. First of all, it will launch the new Gran Turismo 7: Prologue, which will bring a few updates that will actually improve Gran Turismo 6. The players should expect some stunning visuals, extra features including social connectivity, and many more. The release will be made in the same year, i.e. 2015, more exactly mid-late 2015. Besides the trailer that presents the new PS4, there will be also a teaser presenting the popular God of War 4, which uses the “in-engine” footage. Even if the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, there are clues that it will be in the late 2015. Other games that are mentioned are Kill Strain, Quantic Dream, and Wipeout. Besides this, there are debuted three new titles, more exactly Project Beast, The Last Guardian, and Demon Souls.


Besides all the new games that will help to increase the popularity of their new PlayStation, Sony will also talk about Project Morpheus, telling more about their intentions. Additionally, they will also announce a price drop for PS3 and PS Vista. However, the main focus of this press conference will be PS4.

Luckily, even if the main titles of the press conference are released, Sony has the chance to come up with something innovative, giving some details that might actually save it in time. However, at the current moment, anyone who has access to the Internet has access to the main plans of this company. Right now, everyone seems to wait for Sony’s next move at the conference.


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