How is the future looking for the Japanese behemoth of consumer electronics?


Since its earlier days back in the mid 1940s, Sony has always been driven by a spirit of innovation, eventually getting out of their homeland of Japan and expanding their product lines throughout the world. If you have been alive sometimes throughout the past 2 or 3 decades, it is highly unlikely that you have never had the chance to experience, own or use a product from this brand. From iconic cassette take players to sound systems, televisions, dvd players, smartphones, radios and digital cameras, Sony’s products are literally everywhere.

The company sports relatively humble beginning, from the ideas of Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, who worked in a small electronics shop. With only a little more than 500 dollars in capital and 8 employees, the company set out to grow on and make their first significant earnings off a clever licensing deal with the technology of transistors.

This stemmed Sony’s first transistor radios and Japan’s first tape recorder, which became really big products within a niche that was, however, nowhere near as we know it today.

Arguably, dealing with customers in the United States has been a significant part of the growth of the business over the past 3 decades, but as of late, the focus of the giant from the rising sun seems to be quite elsewhere. The company is now betting on new markets such as China and India, whose citizen are becoming wealthier and therefore, more keen on spending money in products such as consumer electronics. These particular Asian markets are becoming wider and wider “by the minute” and they represent a relatively new avenue for many giant companies.

This twist of events led to a lot of speculation: is Sony going to become a less relevant or less prominent name within the “western world”? Already now, we can see that Sony is not really interested in racing the same way as companies such as Apple and Samsung do. It feels like Sony is a ship sailing at an even pace in these market…the wind is not too tough, but the sailors aren’t even pushing so hard after all! Will the brand become more prominent within the new Asian markets?


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