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Note: Complete information on next year Models are location in the full read more versionES SERIES RECEIVERS

Sony’s new ES Receivers are the elevated standard in home entertainment and multi-room environments.

This year’s models are bundled with advanced audio and video performance features designed to address the requirements in today’s competitive home audio market. Incorporating unrivaled audio technology with new cosmetic designs and an enhanced user interface for simple operation, the new ES Receivers feature high powered seven channel amplifiers for astounding audio reproduction. These new models also utilize a new digital drive amplifier with S-Master™ Pro-Processing ideal for reproducing high-resolution stereo and multi-channel music recordings. For increased versatility, the receivers are able to decode a multitude of the latest surround sound formats, offer video-up conversion from composite to S-video and feature Auto Channel Grouping for optimum signal distribution. The ES Receivers’ combination of convenience, flexibility and overall performance elevate the standard for multi-room home theater entertainment.

Model: STR-DA9000ES Price*: $4,500 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: STR-DA5000ES Price*: $2,000 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: STR-DA3000ES Price*: $1,000 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: STR-DA2000ES Price*: $800 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: STR-DA1000ES Price*: $600 Availability: Fall 2003


Sony’s new ES series SA-CD player succeeds the highly acclaimed SCD-XA777ES as the reference standard in sophisticated SA-CD performance and audio playback.

This new model is Sony’s first SA-CD player with an iLink™ digital output offering the ability to utilize outboard D/A converters. Paired with a compatible amplifier, such as Sony’s new STR-DA9000ES receiver, the unit generates remarkable sound reproduction and precise playback of the nuances of any audio recording. For music enthusiasts connecting the SCD-XA9000ES to conventional receivers and amplifiers, Sony has equipped the unit with a Tri power Digital-to-Analog Converter and a specially designed multi-channel Digital Signal Processing LSI to optimize multi-channel SACD playback regardless of speaker configuration.

Model: SCD-XA9000ES Price*: $3,000 Availability: Fall 2003


Sony’s new ES series 400-disc Mega Changer offers sophisticated DVD playback, optimal performance and easy management of movie lovers’ growing DVD collections.

This new model features advanced Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology and multi-channel Super Audio CD playback, and is also equipped with the industry’s first mainstream 12-bit, 216 MHz video D/A converter for extended video detail and lower noise distortion. The model’s Disc Explorer® System allows fast and easy identification and access of all 400 discs housed in the unit to simplify disc management.

Model: DVP-CX777ES Price*: $800 Availability: September 2003


Sony’s new ES series 5-disc DVD player combines video performance with sophisticated DVD playback.

This new model features Sony’s Precision Cinema Progressive™ technology, with Pixel-by-Pixel I/P Conversion technology, a Super Sub Alias Filter, V-Edge Compensation, and Noise Shaped Video™ (NSV) for enhanced video performance. The unit is also equipped with the industry’s first mainstream 12-bit, 216 MHz video D/A converter for extended video detail and lower noise distortion. In order to deliver flawless audio and video reproduction, Sony has utilized Frame and Beam construction and equipped the unit with Sony’s Precision Drive™ 2 with Dynamic Tilt Compensation.

Model: DVP-NC555ES Price*: $600 Availability: August 2003


Sony’s new portable DVD player combines style and performance to provide hours of on-the-go DVD enjoyment.

The new model is equipped with a 7-inch widescreen TFT display providing superb picture quality and brilliant colors. For extended DVD entertainment, the portable DVD player is powered by a new Lithium Ion battery that provides up to three hours of viewing time without recharging. The unit is also equipped with one S-Video output and additional A/V jacks for added versatility.

Model: DVP-FX700 Price*: $600 Availability: September 2003


Sony’s new XBR series Plasma WEGA models are the company’s first fully integrated HDTV flat-panel televisions delivering the ultimate plasma viewing experience.

The three new XBR Plasma WEGA models feature a built-in ATSC tuner for access to over-the-air high definition broadcasts, as well as Clear QAM tuning for access to digital terrestrial and unscrambled local digital channels. The new models incorporate Sony’s re-engineered WEGA Engine, which integrates advanced digital circuitries to maximize picture performance from any video source by minimizing the number of digital-to-analog conversion processes, resulting in brilliant and crisp images. They also incorporate i.LINK as well as DVI-HDTV connections to deliver high-definition content and offer enhanced Memory Stick functionality.

Model: KDE-61XBR950 Price*: $20,000 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: KDE-50XBR950 Price*: $13,000 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: KDE-42XBR950 Price*: $9,000 Availability: Fall 2003


Responding to the fast growing plug-and-play plasma category, the XS series Plasma WEGA models offer a step-up solution to the industry leading all-in-one TS series.

These models feature an attractive, new design and incorporate many of the XBR series’ features including the re-engineered plasma panel driver, WEGA Engine system, DVI-HDTV connection and twin surround audio. The new units deliver superb picture performance and style at more affordable price points.

Model: KE-42XS910 Price*: $7,500 Availability: Fall 2003

Model: KE-37XS910 Price*: $6,500 Availability: Fall 2003


Sony’s new fully integrated Grand WEGA HDTV televisions offer enhanced LCD-based rear projection picture technology.

This year’s models combine the WEGA Engine system with Sony’s proprietary LCD Optical Engine, which contains the new 0.87-inch wide XGA LCD panels to achieve 3.28 million dots resolution, resulting in exquisite, detailed picture quality and a 20 percent improved contrast ratio. The new widescreen models are also equipped with a built-in ATSC tuner, Uniform Brightness Screen™ technology, enhanced Memory Stick media playback, both i.LINK and DVI-HDTV digital interfaces, and a new design.

Model: KDF-70XBR950 Price*: $7,000 Availability: October 2003

Model: KDF-60XBR950 Price*: $5,500 Availability: October 2003


Sony’s new LCD WEGA televisions are all-in-one LCD TVs with built-in NTSC tuners, speakers and pedestals to offer versatility and compatibility in any setting.

The new sets incorporate core elements of the WEGA Engine system, such as Direct Digital circuitry, the new LCD panel drive, Digital Reality Creation® and CineMotion® reverse 3:2 pull-down conversion. The sets offer a wide viewing angle of 170-degrees both horizontally and vertically, a 3D digital comb filter for high horizontal and vertical resolution and the WOW™ audio effect for enhanced audio performance.

Model: KLV-23HR2 Price*: $2,700 Availability: October 2003

Model: KLV-21SR2 Price*: $1,800 Availability: October 2003


Sony’s new digital satellite/TV receiver is a fully integrated, advanced high-definition receiver that delivers DIRECTV® standard and high-definition programs, digital and analog terrestrial HD signals, as well as unscrambled analog cable broadcasts.

This new receiver delivers HD broadcast content in the original format intended by the content creators, resulting in the faithful reproduction on a high definition television. The unit implements a new “native” variable format mode that seamlessly passes video to display devices from the original resolution format. To handle the proliferation of widescreen format TV sets and expanded HD programming in a variety of aspect ratios, the new receiver has 11 aspect ratio settings, including a new Cine-Zoom feature with 16 discrete image control steps. The receiver’s expanded convenience features include an updated IR/RF Universal Remote Commander remote control for convenient multi-room operation, as well as a Multi-Freeze function with a screen “freeze” capability that can magnify and pan “frozen” images.

Model: SAT-HD300 Price*: $750 Availability: September 2003


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