Fact or Fiction: Sony first developed the Playstation for Nintendo.


With the Wii selling like Krispy Kreme hotcakes and the DS thoroughly thrashing the PSP, Nintendo can’t seem to do anything wrong these days. Or perhaps they’re just making up for the single biggest whoopsie in the history of the console wars.

This dirty little secret dates back to the late 1980s. At the time, Nintendo was considering introducing CD-ROM technology as an add-on to their forthcoming Super Nintendo system. Initially they inked a deal with Sony, but just before announcing the partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1989, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi backed out due to poor contract wording that would have handed far too much control over the burgeoning format to Sony. Find out…Talks quickly fell apart, and eventually Sony decided to move forward with their technology by incorporating it into a Sony-branded machine. Injunctions by Nintendo were dismissed by the courts, clearing the path for Sony to start working on the newly dubbed Sony Playstation.
Interestingly, as late as 1993 Sony and Nintendo actually agreed to terms that would have provided a SNES cartridge port in every Playstation console, although those plans would soon derail when Sony decided to move forward solely with the CD format. It proved to be a brilliant decision: the Playstation quickly became the best-selling console of its era, while Nintendo bet on the wrong horse by releasing the cartridge-based Nintendo 64, paving the way for two full generations of Sony dominance.
Fact or Fiction? Fact!


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