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[Sony Electronic Inc. Open House 2002] During a press briefing at its annual Open House line show, Sony Electronics introduced hundreds of new consumer electronics products that are destined to create opportunities for a variety of consumer lifestyles.

“In tomorrow’s digitally-networked world where digitization means more companies vying to sell at retail, dealers are faced with excess inventory and shifting consumer demand,” explained Ron Boire, president of Sony Electronics’ Consumer Sales Company. “Sony’s products will no longer be defined for the mass market but rather developed for a series of market segments across a number of consumer demographics. This new sales and marketing approach will maximize our relationships with dealers, while offering consumers a variety of product solutions.”
The company’s exciting new product introductions are in such categories as flat-screen direct-view TVs, Hi-Scan 1080iTM high definition resolution rear projection televisions, wall-hanging plasma televisions and monitors, hot new DVD-video players, new digital imaging solutions and products specifically geared for Gen Y.

An All Flat-Screen Direct View TV Line-Up

Chief among the products announced is Sony’s line of newly-designed, all FD Trinitron® WEGA™ flat-screen, direct-view TV sets. Leading the line-up are new Hi-Scan 1080i™ television sets with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 40 inches. The six WEGA Hi-Scan models feature a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that enables consumers to enjoy content-protected, uncompressed high-definition video. The new TVs also incorporate a Memory Stick® media slot for convenient viewing of JPEG images taken with Memory Stick compatible digital cameras and camcorders (KV-32HS500, KV-36HS500, KV-32HV600, KV-34XBR800, KV-36XBR800, KV-40XBR800). Both the XBR and HV models feature next generation Digital Reality Creation™ Multifunction V1, which allows viewers to customize their DRC™ level for clear, brilliant images.

All Hi-Scan 1080i Rear Projection Televison Sets

For home theater enthusiasts, Sony’s rear projection TV line-up spotlights seven new 16:9 widescreen Hi-Scan 1080i models, ranging from 51 to 65 inches — all with a Digital Visual Interface (DVI-HDTV) connection that delivers secure, uncompressed high-definition video content. Among several performance enhancing technologies included in the new projection TVs, is an HD MicroFocus™ CRT that offers increased beam strength for a brighter picture (KP-51WS500, KP-57WS500, KP-65WS500, KP-57WV600, KP-65WV600, KP-57WV700, KP-65WV700).

Plasma Monitors

Sony today showcased its most complete line of plasma models available highlighted by the introduction of the PFM-32C1 flat panel monitor with a 32-inch viewable area, measured diagonally. Similar in design, trend-setting style and high-performance as Sony’s award-winning PFM-42B1 plasma display, the PFM-32C1 flat panel features slim cabinetry, a versatile layout style, which allows the monitor to be mounted to a wall or ceiling, plus the flexibility to interchange between a vertical or horizontal display. These key features make it the choice for places where space is at a premium such as high-end media/entertainment rooms or in a business or commercial setting.

Sony’s newest plasma model boasts a high resolution panel (1024 x 768 pixels) and picture enhancements such as a built-in scan converter, proprietary pixel-by-pixel conversion system and Sony’s CineMotion™ reverse 3:2 pull-down technology, which ensures accurate, sharp image reproduction.

Home Audio Highlights

Also for the affluent consumer looking for high design in a slim line, micro audio system. is Sony’s CMT-L7HD that harnesses advanced data storage technology and provides an ideal secondary source of audio entertainment. This powerful model incorporates an integrated hard disc drive that is capable of replicating up to 300 CDs.

DVD Solutions

Sony has evolved the DVD-video category into a lifestyle concept. Among its line of DVD systems — all with CD-R/RW playback and MP3 compatibility — is the DVP-NS755V DVD player, which offers multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD) playback and progressive scan capability. Included in the line-up is the DVP-CX875P, an impressive 301-disc CD/DVD changer with progressive scan output, perfect for those with extensive DVD-Video or CD libraries.

Sony is also amplifying the popular DVD Dream™ System series, an all-in-one home theater-in-a-box solution, with three new models that incorporate progressive scan output, surround sound, SACD, CD-R/RW, MP3 playback and an elegant design that fits in any modest size living space. (DAV-C770, DAV-C990, DAV-C450) New to the DVD line-up this year is the DVP-PQ1 Psyc™ DVD player for young Gen Y consumers. It’s a stylish, compact, versatile DVD player with a unique customizable central faceplate to suit every personality.

Gen Y Solutions

Also for Gen Y are Sony’s Game SyncTM Hi-Fi audio systems. This line of mini systems (MHC-GS200, MHC-GS300AV) with the new Game Sync mixing function allows gamers to mix any audio source with the soundtrack simultaneously for an enhanced gaming experience. Personalized music can be integrated without eliminating the original soundtrack simply by hooking up a game console to the convenient front A/V jack. Gamers simply pick a music selection, press the Game Sync button and enjoy the game backed with their own music.

Expanding on its successful Psyc™ line for Gen Y, Sony introduced a new series of boombox (CFD-E75) CD Walkman® (D-E350) and clock radios (ICF-C111) in metallic jewel tone colors like ruby red, sapphire blue and radium gold. The Psyc line also includes audio products designed for teen girls in pastel colors. The D-E330 CD Walkman matches the ICF-C111 clock radio in candy pink, frost blue and citrus green.

The line features two CD Walkman players with customizable faceplates and w.earTM headphones with interchangeable clips so the players can be personalized with a favorite photo (D-EQ550).

Digital Imaging Solutions

Digital imaging is yet another way Sony is creating products designed with different consumers in mind. Sony’s three newest Cyber-shot® cameras offer mega-pixel performance, MPEG Movie ModeTM and an Info-lithium battery system (DSC-P31, DSC-P51, DSC-P71). The DSC-P51 model features 2 million pixel capability and the DSC-P71 offers 3.0 mega pixel performance. All the new models allow users to create, personalize and share with family and friends content stored on Memory Stick media.

Additionally, four new Mini DV Handycam® camcorders incorporating Carl Zeiss optics, USB streaming and the MPEG Movie EXTM feature were introduced, as well (DCR-TRV18, DCR-TRV25, DCR-TRV27, DCR-TRV50). The Mini DV offers dual operation of both capture still images to Memory Stick media while simultaneously recording motion video. The top of the line DCR-TRV50 features wireless Bluetooth® technology so users can connect to the network without a PC. A Sony-branded Internet access Service was also announced, dubbed So-netsm. The service allows for easier utilization of several key features of the Network Handycam camcorders.

Sony’s strategy of delivering a powerful entertainment experience across a multitude of market segments was clearly demonstrated by the conclusion of Open House.


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