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Watch Sony Electronics COMDEX 2001 Corporation’s president and COO Kunitake Ando Keynote speech (In the keynote, he reveals several new incredible electronic gadgets). Watch the keynote address

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Here at COMDEX, Sony Electronics is unveiling a number of AV and IT products for U.S. consumers that demonstrate how new technology and innovative electronic products can add more joy to life.

The company’s 10,000 square foot display features new developments in audio, video and information technology that will maximize the broadband experience.

“In order to be truly valuable, broadband content and services must be available to people anytime and anywhere,” said Fujio Nishida, president and COO of Sony Electronics. “For so many people, Sony represents effortless access to broadband content and services through easy-to-use digital devices like the popular VAIO® PCs and CLI? handhelds.”

Sony’s interactive display areas highlight the following new products:

VAIO Personal Computers

  • MX (Model PCV-MXS10) – The ultimate desktop entertainment system is found in the new VAIO MX PC. Among its many features, the MX PC includes: TV, FM radio with unlimited pre-sets, personal video recorder, DVD/CD player/recorder, two-way 40-watt stereo speakers, 80 GB hard drive, all powered by a Pentium® 4 1.7 GHz processor and controlled with a single remote control. The MX features Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition, and ships this month for about $2,800.
  • C1MV PictureBook® Notebook PC – Brilliant video quality joins the list of features in Sony’s newest VAIO PictureBook PC, the C1MV. Available in January 2002 for about $1,900, the C1MV PC includes a built-in camera as well as an MPEG 2 encoder/decoder so users can capture and view DVD-quality video. The C1MV also has a 20-GB hard drive, runs Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition and is driven by a battery-extending Crusoe™ 733 MHz processor.
  • GR Series Notebook PCs (Models PCG-GR290, GR270, GR250) – Built for business, GR model notebooks feature vibrant 15-inch displays for crisp, powerful presentations. Pentium III Mobile processors provide the muscle to effortlessly power standard business applications as well as a suite of Sony digital image and video editing software at the office, home or on the road. GR notebook PCs are available now at prices ranging from about $2,200 to $3,500.

CLIÉ Handheld Device

  • CLIÉ Handheld (PEG-T415): At less than ½-inch thin – the slimmest silhouette in the industry — the newest addition to the Palm-Powered™ CLIÉ handheld family is the PEG-T415. Available later this month for about $300, the T415 has the added capability of serving as a remote controller for a variety of infrared enabled devices, including many major brands of TVs, VCRs, DVD players and AV receivers, all from a distance of up to 15 feet.
  • Camera Expansion Module (PEGA-MSC1): The Memory Stick digital camera expansion module slides into the CLIÉ Memory Stick media slot and allows select CLIÉ models to capture images perfect for emailing or Web posting. It is available at the end of the month for about $150.
  • MP3 Module (PEGA-SA500, -SA10): The slide-on accessory allows non-audio CLIÉ models to play back MP3 digital audio files on Memory Stick media (sold separately). The SA500, available now for about $130, fits the CLIÉ handheld models N610C, S320 and S300 and the SA10, available later this month also for $130, fits the T415 CLIÉ handheld.

Digital Audio

  • Net MD™ Walkman® Recorders (MZ-N505, MZ-N707, MZ-N1): These three new pocket-sized MiniDisc devices take the most popular format for digital music downloads and combines it with extreme speed. The Net MD Walkman recorders will record MP3s and CDs at up to 32X speed, allowing users to transfer 80 minutes of music in less than three minutes, and extend the capacity of an 80-minute disc to more than five hours of music. The MZ-505 is available in March 2002 for about $200. The MZ-707 adds the convenience of an editing remote control and charging stand for use with a rechargeable battery. It will also be available in March for about $250. The MZ-N1, weighs just 3 ounces but can achieve up to 110 hours of playback. It hosts a multitude of convenience features, and will be available in March for about $350.
  • EZ Audio™ Kit: With this easy-to-use software, users can import a variety of analog recordings directly into their PC, clean up pops, hissing and other unwanted noise, and transfer the recordings to a recordable CD audio disc. The EZ Audio Kit is currently available for about $50.

Portable Projection

  • Ultra-Portable Projector (VPD-MX10): Sony illuminates the ultra-portable projector category with the handy new VPD-MX10 projector. This mobile unit weighs 4.6 pounds and features the brightness of 1000 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens, Digital Light Processing™ technology from Texas Instruments, XGA resolution, and DVI and USB connectivity. A bonus play is the unit’s Memory Stick media slot, which allows users to leave the laptop behind, by simply popping-in mini storage cards for “plug-in-and-present” information showcases. It is available this month with an MSRP of $4,500. In addition to the VPD-MX10 model, Sony is also introducing a range of new projectors based on three-panel LCD technology displaying high brightness — the VPL-CS4, VPL-CX4 and VPL-CX11 models.

Plasma Television

  • 32- and 42-inch Plasma Television (KZ-32TS1U, KZ-42TS1): Sony’s first all-in-one plasma package in the U.S., incorporating a TV tuner, TruSurround™ speakers and matching tabletop stand, makes a style statement, and the television’s ultra-clear picture and multiple inputs for DVD, cable/satellite, HD and PC make the technology statement. The new 32- and 42-inch displays will be available for about $6,000 and $8,000, respectively, in January 2002.

Digital Imaging

  • MiniDV Network Handycam® Camcorder with Bluetooth™ Connectivity (DCR-PC120BT): Taking the network right to the hardware is Sony’s new DCR-PC120BT, the first camcorder in the U.S. to incorporate networking capabilities via bluetooth technology. Users can send text emails with photos, browse the Web and upload images directly to Sony’s picture-sharing ImageStationSM Web site, all without a PC. This new MiniDV camcorder also has a 1.5-megapixel imager to enhance both video quality and still images. It will sell for about $2,000 in January 2002.
  • Feature-packed 5-Megapixel Cyber-shot® Camera (DSC-F707): The DSC-F707 advances photography beyond the limits of film with Sony-only technologies. Superior 5-megapixel resolution, 5X zoom Carl Zeiss™ lens, NightShot® technology, and extensive user controls put powerful, professional-level capabilities into an easy-to-use camera. The DSC-F707 is available now for about $1,000.
  • 3.2-Megapixel Ultra-Compact Cyber-shot Camera (DSC-P5): Sony knows the best camera is the one you have with you when you want to take a picture, and the new Cyber-shot camera P5 is small enough to carry anywhere. But don’t let its size fool you – the P5 takes high quality 3-megapixel pictures and sports a 3x optical, 6x digital zoom. It’s available now for about $600.
  • Pocket Photo Printer for Mobile Printing Needs (DPP-MP1): Sony’s new DPP-MP1 is the world’s smallest dye-sublimation digital photo printer, and produces clear, vibrant business-card size prints in under 90 seconds. It will be available in February for about $280.
  • EZ Editor® Digital 8® Kit: A complete solution for PC-based editing of Digital 8 videos, the new kit lets users import Digital 8 video directly onto their PC, perform simple point-and-click editing functions and add professional-looking titles, voice-overs, music and transitions. The EZ Editor Digital 8 Kit will be available this holiday season for about $100.
  • EZ Memories™ Kit: Create virtual photo albums that can be easily burned to a CD and sent to family and friends with this new application that accommodates images from a digital camera and even scanned 33mm photographs. With the EZ Memories Kit, users can create customized photo albums, create their own design elements, add music and even make the pages “flip” as they would with a physical photo album. The EZ Memories Kit will be available in January 2002 for about $50.

Entertainment Robot

  • AIBO™ Entertainment Robot (ERS-220): Sony’s newest addition to its wildly popular AIBO Entertainment Robot breed is the futuristic ERS-220. New modular hardware and enhanced software capabilities mean AIBO robot is more entertaining than ever. The ERS-220 may be ordered now for about $1,500.

Data Storage

  • Micro Vault™ USB Storage Media Device: Volumes of storage in a pocket-size device, the MicroVault storage device is a flash memory device based on the ubiquitous USB communications protocol that lets users quickly and easily transport and share files between computers without cables or adapters. It will be available in January 2002 in capacities ranging from 16MB to 128MB, at prices ranging from about $50 to about $300.
  • Combination DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive (DRU110A/C1) and DVD+RW media (DPW47): This new PC storage drive combines DVD+RW and CD-RW recording with DVD-ROM and CD-ROM playback in one device that can easily be installed inside a desktop PC, and includes software for authoring custom DVD video discs. It will be available this month for about $600. Sony is also introducing DVD+RW recording media with a recording capacity of 4.7 GB, holding up to 2 hours of MPEG-2 digital video. It is also available this month for about $16.

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