Are you an Entertainment Visionary?


Sony Electronics asks, “Are you an Entertainment Visionary?”

Are you the “go-to” person family, friends and co-workers ask for advice on consumer electronics gadgets?

Why not take a little quiz to find out how visionary you really are? You may find out you’re way ahead of the curve, but then again, you may discover you have a way to go before giving up those user manuals.

Since Alexander Graham Bell implored “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you,” the visionary pace of technology, especially in the area of consumer electronics, has progressed nearly as quickly as an electrical charge. Ever since, the proverbial and often-asked question has been “Can we and do we keep up?” By taking a brief quiz developed by Sony Electronics, you will learn whether you are an Entertainment Visionary or a casual bystander to innovation.

Are you up to the challenge to discover if you are an Entertainment Visionary?

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Quiz 1 Answers

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