VAIO Desktop PC Broadens Creative Options With Potent New Processor


Sony’s New Line of VAIO Digital Studio PCs Bolstered by Memory, Hard Drive and Software Upgrades

For 2002, Sony has intensified the VAIO® PC experience by using the newest Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 2.20 GHz in its top-of-the-line VAIO Digital Studio™ desktop model. Coupled with sizeable memory capabilities, the new PCV-RX690G desktop model is perfect for video and music enthusiasts as well as people who demand high-end graphics and connectivity. This and five other new desktop models — all outfitted with innovative Sony software and deep memory caches — are due to hit store shelves in February.

“We are starting the year by unleashing our most potent PCs yet with souped-up processors that wring maximum performance from our most popular home entertainment software and peripherals,” said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager of Sony’s VAIO PC marketing. “Our high-end model also comes with a new, powerful graphics accelerator to provide a top-notch entertainment experience.”

The Power Behind the Fun

With 120GB hard drives, the new PCV-RX680G and the PCV-RX690G models can store up to 150 hours of television shows, movies or home videos with the integrated Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder. Personal digital content can be edited and exported onto rewriteable DVDs using the internal DVD-RW drive, for viewing, storing and sharing.

The PCV-RX690G comes with an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 2.20 GHz, a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, a DVD-ROM drive and 512MB of RDRAM. An nVIDIA® GeForce2™ Ti graphics card comes standard and the graphics memory has been doubled from 32MB to 64MB. As an added bonus, a Dolby Digital® optical output allows users to connect the PC to a stereo receiver for theater-quality sound.

The second model in the line— the PCV-RX680G — includes an Intel Pentium 4 processor 2A GHz, a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, a CD-ROM drive and 512MB of DDR-SDRAM.

A Memory Stick® media slot is featured on both systems for easy transfer of digital photos, videos, music and other digital files among Memory Stick media-enabled devices, such as digital still cameras and digital music players. A 10Base-T/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet port is also included for a high-speed Internet connection. It allows quick access to one-click recording with the free Internet Electronic Program Guide (iEPG) that helps users to select TV shows for recording up to 14 days in advance. The PCV-RX690G and the PCV-RX680G models are expected to sell for approximately $2,500 and $2,000, respectively after $100 rebates.

Sony Pumps up Mid-Range Options for Desktop PCs

Sony has also provided upgrades to four other VAIO desktop PCs, readying them for advanced multimedia and graphics applications. The new line-up offers a variety of options for fast access to data and smooth-running programs.

The new PCV-RX670 unit features a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive that can both play and write CDs and DVDs, in addition to an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 1.80 GHz and 512 MB of DDR-SDRAM. The estimated selling price is about $1,500 after a $100 rebate.

The PCV-RX660 and PCV-RX650 models are also equipped with Intel Pentium 4 processors and the PCV-RX640, backed by a Intel® Celeron® processor 1.20 GHz, rounds out the line. Sizeable hard drives, V.90 modems, and a 10-BaseT/100-BaseTX Fast Ethernet port come standard in all models. After $100 mail-in rebates, the PCV-RX660 is expected to sell for about $1,200 and the PCV-RX650 model for around $1,000. The PCV-RX640 is estimated to sell for approximately $800 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Software Broadens Entertainment Possibilities

All of the desktop systems announced today come with a suite of Sony’s powerful and easy-to-use entertainment software, including MovieShaker™, DVgate™, SonicStage™ for VAIO, and PictureGear™ software for movie making, music CD creating and photo editing.

Simple DVD Maker software (included on all systems with a DVD-RW drive) eases the creation of personal DVDs and streamlines the process of taking home videos directly from a camcorder to a DVD. Home videos with user-added effects, music and transition menus can be stored on DVDs to preserve their quality and share with friends and family.

SonicStage for VAIO software helps users personalize their music. CDs can be created from different audio sources and exported to multiple peripheral devices. This new version of SonicStage software lets users print custom CD labels by using the DigitalPrint application, Sony’s exclusive photo printing software. Digital Print software allows users to enhance electronic images with different backgrounds, illustrations and text, and transform them into cards, labels or photo album pages.

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