Sony’s New Subnotebooks Prove It Gets The MacBook Air


The new Vaio TZ has a beautiful, subtly etched case offered in flocked champagne or charcoal finishes. One example has classic Victorian geometric swirls. Another looks like wallpaper from the 1960s. A third looks like an insane laser-wielding spirograph machine has gone awry on it, and a fourth offers a profusion of leafy designs spiraling toward the logo.

Some people understand the MacBook Air. If your analysis of it spends more than a few moments noodling on features like cellular modems, processor speed and the cross platform compatibility of its external optical drive, you’re not one of them. Sony, by quickly putting fashion design at the forefront of its TZ subnotebooks, knows exactly what Apple is up to.Sony, however, is also an institution of inaction in the face of necessity. These are out soon in Japan: wither the West?

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