Sony’s Giga Vault™ Portable Hard-Desk Media Now available


How much do 17 hours of DVD-quality video, 70,000 digital images or 800 hours of music weigh?

Just over half a pound with Sony’s new Giga Vault™ portable hard disk media.

The lightweight device, now shipping, offers 40 GB of digital data storage in a sleek form factor that glides easily into a shirt pocket or handbag.

“Giga Vault portable hard disk media is the perfect companion for consumers and professionals who want to take important multimedia files and other documents with them wherever they go,” said Tom Evans, Sony Electronics’ senior vice president of media and application solutions. “Don’t let its small size deceive you: its cavernous storage capacity rivals that of many laptops on the market today.”

Instant Plug and Play

Giga Vault portable hard disk media works like an external hard drive. It connects via the USB 2.0 interface to a Microsoft® Windows® operating system-equipped computer. An i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) digital interface version will be available in the fall.

Multimedia files, such as PowerPoint® presentations, high-resolution images, video clips and other documents, can then be easily transferred to the device.

“Giga Vault is a great method for storing large amounts of material, or transferring data from one computer to another at home or in the office,” Evans added.

Innovative Form Factor

The unit also features an innovative form factor in which the media is separate from the USB 2.0 and i.LINK adaptor “caps.” This design enables users who purchase an additional cap to carry just the media portion between their two computers. Users can also purchase additional hard disk media as their storage requirements grow.

The unit is designed to be extremely portable. Weighing only 10 ounces, Giga Vault portable hard disk media has a shock absorbing body that protects files in the event it is dropped.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that offers between one-and-a-half and five hours of steady power supply, making it ideal for uninterrupted use while traveling.

Growing Line of Portable Storage Products

Giga Vault portable hard disk media is the latest in Sony’s growing portfolio of portable data storage products.

The latest generation of Micro Vault™ USB storage media devices are built on the USB 2.0 platform, which offers fast data transfer capabilities yet maintain backward compatibility with the USB 1.1 protocol. The Micro Vault family comes in capacities up to 256 MB, which can store the equivalent of 176 floppy disks, making it easy to transfer and store data.

Multimedia Content Management Software

Innovative software included in the packaging helps users manage a wide range of media files – from JPEG images to MP3s – on their computers, tag them with labels, sort by simple characteristics, create slide shows with accompanying audio, play back movies and QTVR files, and back up precious photos and other documents.

Pricing and Availability

Sony’s Giga Vault portable hard disk media is available now for a suggested retail price of $299.99 through major retail outlets and online sites, including An additional 40GB of media and USB adaptors are also available for list prices of $249.99 and $59.99, respectively.


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