Sony Rolls out Sleek Color Printers that Produce High-Quality Images for Medical Applications


New Digital Imaging Products Launched At The Radiological Society of North America’s Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting

Sony Electronics today introduced two new A6 color video medical grade printers. Available in both an analog (UP-21MD) and digital (UP-D21MD) version, these new printers provide medical professionals with high-quality color images in a small, user-friendly package that can be easily integrated into medical carts designed for ultrasound, endoscopic and microscopic applications.

Some of the fastest A6 printers available today, Sony’s new UP-21MD and UP-D21MD models can produce a print in less than 20 seconds. The units measure 8 3/8 in. (w) x 5 in. (h) x 15 5/8 in. (d), enabling them to be rack-mounted onto a medical cart side-by-side with other equipment.The printers offer front-loading functionality and utilize cut-paper. Unlike other products on the market that can only accept roll-paper, the unique cut-paper feature streamlines operation and virtually eliminates paper jams.

Sony is the first manufacturer to incorporate the USB (version 1.1) transfer protocol into a digital A6 color medical-grade printer. The USB transfer protocol allows information to flow from the computer or medical device to the printer at a rate of about 1.5MB of data per second.

“Space in any medical environment is a concern. OEM manufacturers are constantly on the look-out for smaller, more powerful peripherals to integrate into their medical cart systems,” said Steven Blum, vice president of marketing for medical systems at Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Professional Company. “Our new medical-grade A6 color printers provide OEM manufacturers with compact, high-speed, high-quality devices that are reliable and easy to use.”

Using Sony’s dye sublimation technology, the units produce photo-realistic images at approximately 400dpi and more than 16 million color tones. Sony’s Picture Quality Control technology provides accurate image reproduction. Equipped with a color adjustment function, users can select the color that most closely matches their requirements.

With its Four-Frame Memory function, the printers can remember up to four images at the same time. While printing an image from memory, the printer can simultaneously store three additional images in its remaining memory buffer.

The UP-21MD printer accepts and outputs an analog, RGB, S-Video (Y/C) or composite video signal. It also has an RS-232C port, allowing the printer to be integrated with external equipment like a computer.

For greater flexibility, Sony offers both the UPC-21L large size (5 in. x 3.6 in.) color media and the UPC-21S small size (3.8 in. x 2.9 in.) color media. The printers come standard with an L-size tray, which can also accommodate S-size media.

As an option, users can add a foot switch or remote control. Both the UP-21MD and the UP-D21MD A6-sized medical grade printers are now available for the suggested list prices of $2,599 and $2,329, respectively.


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