Sony Introduces Stylish All-In-One Desktop Pc


Form and Function Come in Fashionable Package with New VAIO W Model

A sense of style, rich software applications and ease of use converge in the new VAIO® PCV-W10 PC, Sony’s first all-in-one desktop computer.

The cleverly designed PC has a built-in, flat-panel display; keyboard; and speakers, making it an ideal work or entertainment companion. By plugging in two cords – the power cable and the mouse – it is easy to be out of the box and on the computer in minutes. The VAIO W weighs just over 20 pounds and can be easily moved from room to room.

Note: Awesome new looking Sony computer, this VAIO PCV-W10 PC(W) will compete against the Apple’s iMacThe body of the unit is neatly hidden behind a 15.3-inch, wide-aspect ratio, adjustable liquid-crystal display. A vertically retractable keyboard neatly folds back against the main unit when not in use.

With integrated speakers and a built-in CD player, the VAIO W desktop doubles as a stereo system. Even when the keyboard is folded up, the songs keep playing and the wide LCD can show both the artist and the name of the song on the screen via Sony’s SonicStage™ music jukebox software.

“The VAIO W doesn’t look like any PC on the market right now,” said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager for VAIO PC at Sony Electronics’ IT Products Division. “With this design, we’ve taken the PC out from under the desk and put it into the center of your living room.”

VAIO W is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Watching DVDs, working on spreadsheets and multi-tasking are a pleasure with the 16:9 wide-aspect ratio display. Part of the software package included with the VAIO W is Sony’s PictureGear StudioTM application that can be used to create photo albums, slide shows and compress large picture files for easy e-mail attachments.

The VAIO W also comes with two handy PC card slots that allow users to take advantage of wireless Internet connection and other expansion possibilities. Sony’s VAIO Media™ software, which has been added to all of Sony’s new VAIO PCs, is a helpful tool to share images, music and content through home networking.

The VAIO W comes with two i.LINK™, IEEE 1394 digital interface ports for digital imaging and printing connections, three USB 2.0 ports, and an optical mouse. Additionally, a Memory Stick® media slot enables sharing photos and other digital content via this removable media with more than 300 compatible electronic devices from various manufacturers.

The VAIO W will be available in October for about $1,600 with pre-orders available starting today online at

Key VAIO W PC Specifications

Processor Intel® Celeron® 1.60 GHz (clock speed)

Cache Memory 128 KB Integrated On-Die Level 2

Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

Sony Original Software

PictureGear StudioTM
Network Smart Capture
Other Software Applications
Adobe® Premiere® LE
Corel WordPerfect® Office 2002
Quattro Pro®
Corel® PresentationsTM
Intuit Quicken® 2002 (previous Quicken users may need an additional upgrade)
Adobe® Photoshop® Elements
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®
Apple QuickTime®
Microsoft® Outlook® Express
RealNetworks® RealOneTM
Standard RAM

512MB PC-2100 DDR (expandable to 1GB)

Hard Drive 60GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive (GB means one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity)

Drives CD-RW (16X10X24X) DVD-ROM (8X max. DVD-ROM Read)

Video & Graphics SIS650 Integrated Graphics with Real256™ 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator

32MB Shared Graphics Memory (64MB max.)

Modem V.90 compatible data/fax modem

Ethernet 10-BaseT/100-BaseTX Fast Ethernet

Ports USB (3), i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) (2)

Memory Stick® media slot

Dimensions (CPU)
Keyboard Open – 19.17″ (W) 10.28″ (H) 13.15″ (D)
Keyboard Closed – 19.17″ (W) 10.95″ (H) 7.52″ (D)


October About $1,600


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