Sony Boosts The Power Of All-In-One Portable Computing With New Offerings For 2002 Spring


Full-Size VAIO Notebook PCs Deliver Desktop Computing Power in a Foldaway Package.

With all the features consumers need to manage their busy worlds, Sony Electronics’ new line of VAIO® notebook computers make more room for living by packing full-powered computing capabilities into full-size notebook models.

Announced today, Sony’s latest additions to the VAIO GR and FXA notebook PC lines not only have large displays and full-function computing power comparable to their larger desktop cousins, they also come with enhanced productivity and connectivity features making them ideal for the family room, classroom or office. The new VAIO FXA47 and FXA49 notebook PCs have a three-spindle design that brings together a CD-RW/DVD combo drive, along with hard and floppy disk drives for the best multimedia entertainment and computing capabilities in one unit. And the new GR370 and GR390 models pack office-compatible features into home-friendly computers that are priced for individuals or small business owners.

GR370 and GR390 Models – More Power, More Features, Less Volume

With extra large 15-inch SXGA+ or XGA TFT displays, the GR370 and GR390 models dazzle the eyes with crisp DVD playback and vivid graphics, making them enviable notebooks for at home or on the job.

The GR370 model features the mobile Intel® Pentium® III processor – M running at 1.20 GHz — powerful enough to run the most graphics-intensive games or business presentations with ease.

Each unit is also equipped with a hot-swappable multi-bay for the internal removable CD-RW/DVD combo drive or optional second battery. The multi-bay functionality permits users to lighten the load of their PCs with the convenient weight saver or run multiple batteries at the same time, allowing more time to watch movies, organize finances or create business presentations.

The top-of-the-line GR390 model sells for about $1,900 after a $100 rebate. The GR370 model is available for about $1,600 after a $100 rebate. Both will be available in mid-February.

The VAIO FXA47 and FXA49 models- Have it All and Take it with You

The upgraded FXA series incorporates AMD processors and up to 15-inch XGA TFT display screens for powerful performance, and features advanced audio and video capabilities for increased versatility at home or in school.

The FXA 49 model is powered by an AMD Athlon™ 4 processor 1.20 GHz, and comes equipped with a 30GB hard drive and 512MB RAM. It is available this month for about $1,600, after a $100 rebate.

The FXA47 model is built with an Athlon 4 processor 1.00 GHz and has a 20GB hard drive, 256MB RAM, and a 14-inch display. It is available for about $1,400.

Both the FXA49 and FXA47 models come with a removable floppy drive and a state of the art CD-RW/DVD combo drive, so users can play and store music, create and rewrite CDs, back up data, and watch movies on DVD at the kitchen table or on the dorm room floor.

Creativity Is Preloaded in Every VAIO Notebook PC

The new GR and FXA series models come loaded with Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition as well as a full selection of digital editing software, including Sony’s exclusive MovieShaker™, PictureGear™, and DVgate™ applications and i.LINK® (IEEE 1394) interface to support high-speed digital video and audio data transfer from compatible devices such as Sony’s camcorders and digital still cameras.

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