Sony Announces New VAIO Wireless LAN Products


New 5GHz Wireless LAN Products Allow for High-Speed Transfer of Streaming Video Up to 100 Yards Away from the Nearest Access Point

Sony Electronics is providing PC users the freedom to have wireless access to broadband content with the introduction of high-speed wireless LAN products, giving users the benefit of being connected eliminating the clutter of cables. With the new VAIO® 5GHz wireless LAN PC card (PCWA-C500) and access point (PCWA-A500) announced today, consumers can wirelessly connect two or more desktop or notebook computers and access rich digital content, such as a DVD movie, from the bedroom to the back yard.

“VAIO PC users have had the tools to create and enjoy video content like DVDs and digital home movies on their computers for years, but the content was confined to the individual PCs,” said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager for VAIO PC marketing for Sony Electronics. “The wireless LAN turns a home or small office into a broadcast center, allowing the content to break free from the confines of just one PC.”


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