Innovator Of Behind-The-Neck Headphone Design Introduces Next Generation Streetstyle Models


Sony Predicts That New Design and Features Will Start a Headphone Revolution.

Sony is fusing the latest in style, comfort and technology with the first re-design of StreetStyle® headphones since their introduction almost a decade ago.

They have just gone through an ultramodern reconstruction inspired by the cutting-edge style of today’s music fans. Four new models, including a noise canceling version, sport a smaller, more aerodynamic design — all with a comfortable fit that doesn’t interfere with a hairstyle or a hat.

“As innovators of the original behind-the-neck headphones, Sony literally changed the way people listened to music,” said Todd Schrader, vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics’ portable audio products. “With StreetStyle’s new shape and the addition of such features as noise canceling technology, we are once again driving the newest headphone trend.”

Tune In to Style to Tune Out Noise

Highlighting the new line is the MDR-G94NC StreetStyle noise canceling model. Perfect for commuters, frequent fliers or students living in raucous dorm rooms, this headphone offers a stylish way to diminish outside noise by 70 percent, while reducing ear fatigue associated with the ambient noise in a train, plane or car.

The noise reduction technology uses a microphone on the earpiece that registers outside noise and instantly generates a sound of a contradicting frequency. The result is that ambient noise is virtually cancelled out, leaving only the chosen audio.

To further enhance the experience, the new MDR-G94NC model has a 30mm neodymium driver and large turbo duct that provide full, rich sound with optimized bass.

These fashionable and functional headphones come in steel grey with silver accents. Their foldable design and supplied adjustable extension cord add to their convenience and versatility wherever you go. They will be available in March for about $70.


Using a high power 30mm neodymium driver for great sound, both the new MDR-G54LP and MDR-G58V headphone models are a reliable and up-to-the-minute source for music on-the-move. The new, ultra-light neckband is more comfortable to wear and folds for convenient packing. As an added feature, the MDR-G58V model has its own volume control.

The silver MDR-G54LP and metallic blue MDR-G58V models will be available in March for about $20 and $25, respectively.


Bass fanatics will appreciate the new MDR-G74SL model. These headphones are made with a large turbo bass duct for big, vibrant sound. This silver StreetStyle model also has a foldable design and sturdier, textured adjustable cord. An extension cord is also included. It will be available in March for about $40.


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