Sony’s Ultra-Compact Cyber-Shot Camera designed with the Image Conscious in Mind


Eye-catching New Camera Maximizes Digital Technologies to Create Striking Images.

For people who want to take the most attractive pictures possible and be fashionable at the same time, Sony Electronics today announced its next generation of the diminutive P-series Cyber-shot® digital still camera — the new DSC-P9 model.

Instead of capturing images to cumbersome rolls of film, Cyber-shot cameras record to very small and reusable Memory Stick® media cards. Data stored on Memory Stick media can be shared with hundreds of high-tech products made by various manufacturers. In fact, images taken with this new camera can be displayed on virtually any PC with a USB interface. Using the removable Memory Stick cards, they can also be transferred to other digital devices like TVs, PDAs and printers.

Offering four megapixels of resolution, the new DSC-P9 model combines high quality picture-taking with a sophisticated body that makes the most of miniaturization. But, beyond outward appearances, the camera comes packed with professional-level features combined with point-and-shoot simplicity.

The camera’s AF Illuminator mode briefly illuminates the subject of a picture with an infrared light for an accurate focus lock in total darkness. Multi-point auto focus allows the camera to intuitively choose between three separate focus areas within the frame and automatically select the best setting.

Additionally, the DSC-P9 camera makes it easy to get the right exposure when lighting is irregular. The multi-pattern metering feature divides the scene into a matrix of 49 independently metered cells. The camera calculates exactly the right exposure for each cell so that a brightly lit portion of the picture doesn’t cause the camera to leave a dimly lit subject in the dark.

In low or no light conditions, the new Cyber-shot camera seamlessly employs built-in pre-flash exposure metering to calculate the right exposure with light from the flash itself. The flash strobes twice with every shot – once to illuminate the subject and work out proper exposure, and again to capture the moment without washed-out faces or unexpected shadows.

The camera not only takes high-resolution digital images, but also comes with features that blur the boundaries between still photos and motion pictures.

With multi-frame burst mode this Cyber-shot camera can capture fluid movement by taking 16 rapid-fire sequential pictures at any of three selected intervals. Saved as a single digital file, these images can be used to analyze a golf swing.

The camera also features Sony’s new MPEG Movie HQX video mode that records non-stop, full-screen, high-resolution MPEG videos with audio up to the capacity of the Memory Stick media. Memory Stick media in 16MB, 32MB, 64MB and 128MB capacities are available for around $25, $35, $50 and $90, respectively at retailers nationwide and at

The new P-series Cyber-shot DSC-P9 ships with a 16MB Memory Stick card and will be available in May for about $600.


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