Sony’s 2003 Cyber-Shot Camera Line-Up Spotlights Value, Variety And Portability


Six New Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Digital Camera

Sony’s range of six new Cyber-shot® digital still cameras, announced here today, is a reflection of the consumer boom in digital photography.

“While we’re seeing incredible growth in the first-time buyer market, we know there are millions of consumers who are upgrading to get better picture resolution and more features,” said Steve Haber, senior vice president of Sony Electronic’s Digital Imaging Products Division. “Our new 2003 P-series Cyber-shot camera line-up now starts at 3.2 megapixels, a resolution threshold that will provide even novices with confidence in their photography results.”

Cyber-shot P Series

Three models in Sony’s 2003 line of P-series point-and-shoot cameras (DSC-P32, DSC-P52 and DSC-P72) offer 3.2 megapixels of resolution. A fourth camera, the DSC-P92 model enhances the point-and-shoot family by offering 5.0 megapixels.

While the DSC-P32 model comes with a fixed focal length lens and the DSC-P52 brings 2X optical zoom, both the DSC-P72 and DSC-P92 models offer 3X optical zoom capability.

All four cameras come supplied with rechargeable NiMH AA batteries with enhanced charge capacity and a charger that generates a full charge in about half the time of previous models.

These four cameras will be available in April. The DSC-P32 will sell for about $230, the DSC-P52 for about $280, the DSC-P72 for about $330, and the DSC-P92 for about $500. All four models feature Sony’s optimized MPEG VX movie mode. It can capture VGA resolution video with audio at 16 frames per second up to the capacity of the Memory Stick® card that is used. A 16MB card is included.

Cyber-shot Compact P Series

For pocketable options, the ultra-compact Cyber-shot DSC-P8 and DSC-P10 cameras are smaller point-and-shoot models with metal construction and an InfoLithium® battery system. These two new models feature a Tracking Auto-Focus System to maintain continuous focus lock on moving subjects, a live histogram, and adjustable color saturation and contrast. Both models have 3X optical zoom and MPEG VX movie mode with audio recording.

Both new compact P-series models will be available in April, with the DSC-P8 expected to sell for about $400, and the DSC-P10 expected to cost about $600. The DSC-P8 ships with a 16MB Memory Stick media card and the DSC-P10 ships with a 32MB card.

Beyond Megapixels and Zoom: Camera Features Create Better Results

All six new Cyber-shot point-and-shoot models come with a comprehensive feature set to give users flexibility, greater ease of use and quality results.

“The power behind the feature set is that you get the photo right the first time by avoiding common problems, minimizing the need for fine-tuning later,” Haber said. “For just one of a dozen examples, think about the old rule of making sure the light is behind you when you take a photo to avoid a dark subject. To address that, we’re introducing Auto Fill Flash, which automatically fires the flash to optimize light on the subject and balance the exposure.”

Among the 2003 Cyber-shot camera features are multiple movie recording options and USB 2.0 connection. In addition, a new Smart Zoom option replaces digital zoom, and intelligently uses the full resolution of the camera’s imager at lower resolution settings to zoom into the portion of interest by cropping the image size.


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