Sony Rumor: 2011 iPhone Coming with an 8MP Sony Photo Camera?


Ok, I know that Apple didn’t even announce the 2010 iPhone, but it looks like the Cupertino company is thinking ahead and already has plans for its fifth-generation iPhone, which will presumably be launched in 2011.

Analyst Ashok Kumar is (again) claiming to have some inside info – he’s quoted by The Street as saying that Apple has chosen Sony as supplier of 8MP camera modules for the 2011 iPhone.

The iPhones available at the moment have camera modules from OmniVision – which should also supply 5MP cameras for the iPhone expected to be unveiled this summer.
By 2011, both AT&T and Verizon (which obviously wants the iPhone) should have functional 4G / LTE networks, so it’s expected that Apple’s fifth-gen iPhone will feature 4G connectivity.

Until then, however, we first have to see what the fourth-generation iPhone – possibly called iPhone HD – brings (besides iPhone OS 4.0).

In any case, it’s about time for the iPhone to come with something really new, and not just minor software and hardware improvements.

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