Sony Offers High-Resolution Digital Camera With Near-UV Sensitivity For Surface Detail Inspection


[Photonics West 2002] Sony Electronics today introduced the XCD-SX900UV black-and-white, high-resolution digital CCD video camera with near-ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity. This new camera is designed to capture clear images of minute surface details in such applications as semiconductor and fiberoptic inspection. Sony will show a sample of the camera in the company’s booth, #1916, at Photonics West 2002, Jan. 22-24, in San Jose.

“This new video camera extends the sensitivity of our digital camera line into the region below 400 nm,” said Jim Sandy, vice president of the visual imaging products unit at Sony Electronics’ Broadcast and Professional Company. “What really makes this camera special is its combination of near-UV sensitivity, high spatial resolution and its IEEE 1394 digital interface.” The XCD-SX900UV video camera incorporates a ½-type Interline Transfer (IT) progressive scan CCD sensor based on Sony’s HAD technology providing a spectral range of 230- to 1000-nm. The camera also features high-resolution SXGA video format—1280 (H) x 960 (V).

Designed for use with UV lighting systems, the camera can capture fine surface details, including small scratches, dust or blemishes that might not be detected using visible or IR lighting. Moreover, near-UV light doesn’t penetrate a surface—a critical characteristic in semiconductor inspection where the detection of superficial irregularities is paramount. The camera’s near-UV sensitivity is also critical in fiber optic inspection since glass is clear to visible light, but opaque to near-UV.

The camera has been designed for easy integration into machine vision systems. It measures just 44 mm x 33 mm x 116 mm and is housed in a robust package designed to withstand the high shock and vibration found in industrial environments.

Also featuring user-friendly external controls, the camera has a flexible electronic shutter with asynchronous reset. It is equipped with a C lens mount for maximum versatility. Required power supply is DC 8 to 30V.

Full production of the XCD-SX900UV video camera is scheduled for February and the camera will carry a suggested list price of $6,695.


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