Sony developing Cyber-shot camera with built-in 3G?


Sony is continually pushes the envelope for pocket cameras with its Cyber-shot series, whether it be producing even thinner cameras, expanding the rear displays and integrating 3D. This new rumored development, however, would be something completely different.

According to gdgt and its unnamed sources, Sony is “quietly” developing a digital camera that sports built-in 3G for the purpose of uploading photos and videos to social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.
While Sony hasn’t made any official statements or even hints regarding this, it was only a matter of time before someone came out with a 3G-enabled camera or camcorder. Eye-fi cards got things rolling, but those memory cards depend on a wireless network nearby. Many photographers would probably welcome the idea of being able to upload particular images right on the spot from wherever they might be.

Now, as to how 3G data will be handed out, that is an interesting question. Will it be free like on Amazon’s Kindle 3G and Barnes & Noble’s Nook 3G? Or are the wireless providers going to get involved? I’m sure we all hope for the former option, but again, we’ll have to wait until Sony (or another manufacturer) gets official with a 3G camera.

Would you like to have built-in 3G on your digital camera or camcorder?

By Rachel King at ZDNET


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